Unboxing silver play button

Unboxing silver play button

Silver play button vs. our press
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. Kevin Hackett says:

    This accent makes me want to watch Lillyhammer again…

  2. Scottii says:

    lol, awesome!

  3. Daniel Milham says:

    deeeal with it!

  4. G _costa says:

    Aruan de like

  5. Turtle Productions says:

    Crush a gnome

  6. HBMHD says:

    Aww, I was expecting a Silver Play Button made out of clay for the extra
    content lol.

  7. Haitchpeasauce says:

    The neodymium magnets from the other episode have magnetized the steel of
    your press. Tapping the metal with a hammer can reduce the magnetism.

  8. ShuRugal Oorus says:

    they saw you coming, made a nice thin award for you so you can’t squish it.

    Kidding aside, the oval-shaped mark the press tool left on the button
    actually looks kind of nice.

  9. Keith Street says:

    Duct Tape and WD-40

  10. NAG says:

    Dude wtf you didn’t work and you got all them subs bruh I had to work for
    10 subs xD

  11. Agustin Aracena says:

    Please crash different types of bones and a human craneous

  12. killyourself mate says:

    Can somebody translate this video

  13. easyman1211 says:

    whitelisted the channel on adblock. Thanks guy. Super entertaining as usual

  14. H0ll0w360 says:


  15. Dalton Adkins says:

    Holy cow! U guys had 200k when I subed about 2 months ago!

  16. Narwhao says:

    I’m glad this channel got so big

  17. spookypen says:

    There is no question… you must crush every play button they send you.

  18. Bluenoser613 says:


  19. Friendroid says:

    All hail Detolf o/

  20. ‫محمد شنكوت‬‎ says:

    #اصحاب_ثنيان موجودين