Unboxing Spot The $75,000 Robot Dog

Unboxing Spot The $75,000 Robot Dog

Meet Spot by Boston Dynamics.

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64 Responses

  1. Unbox Therapy says:

    grab a snack and enjoy

    • Godchi1d Von Steuben says:

      Your grandson shuts off his A.R. glasses, and says to you “hey Pops, I just ordered a first gen Dynamics Spot!” In, an exited voice. Then starts talking about “Awe man, I can’t wait to swap out the RAM cards, and… oh, I wonder if I can find (such, and such) processor, for it. Then I’m gonna get carbon graphene composite panels, and paint it, etc, etc…” Just like when we would find stripped down IBM towers, or buy a vintage skateboards, or road bikes, on the cheap. All the new motorized electronics coming out now, are going to be a combination of what vintage cars, bikes, skateboards, and what used computers are to us now. So chip swaps and micro-soldering will be to them, like what turning screwdrivers and wrenches are to us. Augmented reality glasses will double as their tablets/laptops, smartphones and gaming consoles, handling all of their mobile, an gaming needs. Doubling as remote controls for their smarthome, and personal robotics/prosthetics. VR gaming will be the norm. HD graphics we have now, they’ll view how we view the128 bit generation. 128 bit will be their 16bit, and 32 and 64 bits, they’ll view like we view gameboy color. 16 bit the way we view it today, they’ll look at like we view original b/w gameboy, and on the rare occasion they see original gameboy graphics, they’ll view it like we do Calicovision, Vectrex, and Atari. By the time our grandchildren are viewing, and hosting these shows, our grandkids will probably just have one small, centralized device, that stays in one location, and runs their AR glasses, smarthouse/apt, maintains the settings for any electronic prosthetics, and controls their robotic assistant/s.

    • Nick Steuber says:

      Frankensteins monster was some sort of robot imagination huh?

    • Ali Aj says:

      I need one!!!!!!!

    • JOHN says:

      tak a jup 8 good for you! You think you commented first on a comment on a video
      What a big accomplishment👏🏻!!

    • J A says:

      What’s shoes is he wearing they look fire

  2. SEANYMONEY -_- says:

    Spot in a decade:

    Unboxing Lewis The $75,000 Human

  3. Daniel Reyes says:

    Damn why does this legit feel like an episode of Black Mirror 😂

  4. MarsoAmirPez says:

    I’m gonna look back at this comment many years ahead of today and see how far robotics has come.

  5. Russrocks 03 says:

    Dude wtf this is scary. I don’t like it.

  6. Berend Domhof says:

    13:01: “Imagine they made one that was like… unfriendly? Robots would rule the world then.”
    This kids’ remark might age bad.

    • Mahirul Islam says:

      The problem is that his words are really true.
      It doesn’t need a lot of time for a virus or malfunction to occur. Then the resistance will fail. So what to do in that scenario should be developed before the robot is given AI autonomy.

    • BLUU says:

      The only way robots can turn unfriendly is if they’re programmed to

    • fanwithnonblades901 says:

      @BLUU the government has that type of poweer, and they wouldnt tell us at all

    • 2freeIvX says:

      Not any time soon. Ai can barely balance and interpret it. They have not even reach the level of insects and reptiles.

    • Ravindar Sushil says:

      BLUU … Yes the world in made up of good and bad people .. out of this 7 billion population at least one could easily succeed to implant his evil program into these systems

  7. Master_ E says:

    The part when robodog stumbled

    Me: (Secretly in my head) yesssssss.

  8. Jackattack says:

    me: walks my dog to the park
    Lew: drives his $75,000 robot to the park from his couch at the office

  9. Danish Manzoor says:

    I have only one question:
    “Can I sit on it.”

  10. Krishna Kadam says:

    4:45 It kinda Looked like a Grasshopper 😅😅

  11. Rohan Vinod says:

    The dog sure doesn’t like his replacement. Soon all dogs will be replaced by robots muh ha ha ha ha

  12. Veera says:

    “Its can go to places humans wouldnt wanna or can”

    Tactical surveillance drones: “Am i a joke to you?”

  13. Grayson Maxwell says:

    When Spot would just lay there for a little after he would fall

    I felt that

  14. Sohm Agarwal says:

    video should be titled: Hyping every small thing and making a hyper intro

  15. MrRandomGuy says:

    I cant believe in the future we’ll say

    “Omg, i forgot to charge my dog”

  16. Sam Mndl says:

    The dog is feeling exactly how Tom felt when his master got a robo-cat to hunt Jerry

  17. Whit3 Mamba says:

    Kid: “imagine they make one that was like.. unfriendly?”
    Me: Kid please keep talking.

  18. Wouter de Vries says:

    he’s really talking like he invented this or something

  19. Julia Red says:

    Why’s Lew giving a testimonial like one of the victims of the robot dog as if it tore Lew’s family apart

  20. Julia Red says:

    When ever spot falls over difficult terrain, I think of those goats that freeze when scared.

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