Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

This is one of the most expensive Android smartphones in the world.

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20 Responses

  1. Unbox Therapy says:


  2. SSJ4MAL says:

    If I’m paying 20000 for a phone, Airplane mode better take me on vacation.

  3. BattlingBayleef says:

    for 20K you can probably figure out a system in which you have:
    -2 microSD card expansion slots
    -the best specs (obviously)
    -exchangeable battery
    -waterproof up to like, 1KM of salt water, at least for 1hour

    Also it should come with:
    -headphones (not earbuds, or both)
    -a second phone as a backup
    -10 charging cables
    -3 strippers (you can choose their sex, man/woman/apache)
    -someone who follows you around while humming Smashmouth’s Allstar (24/7)

  4. Jas Sidhu says:

    This is a device only fit only for TheLegend27

  5. Mukade Reaper says:

    that phone can pay off my first year university tuitions

  6. the hippocrip says:

    this phone better call Jesus himself

  7. martinshoosterman says:

    20 thousand dollars? this phone better have duel titan xp in sli.

  8. infamousian123 says:

    Sad part is if a thief saw an iPhone, Samsung, and this $20000 Phone in a
    store he’d rob the iPhones and Samsungs first. Nobody knows what that
    expensive brick is.

  9. Hammad Ali says:

    Finally he unboxes something I can actually afford.

  10. skyboundpilot says:

    So a phone for successful drug dealers….I see

  11. NightPanda says:

    The funny thing is. this phone will be outdated in 1 or 2 years.

  12. Vexiez says:

    solarin phone vs usb killer please

  13. Akshay Kulkarni says:

    I won’t buy unless the phone includes an unbreakable body, an iris scanner,
    a bodyguard, an oven, a fridge, a washing machine, a house and eventually
    can transform into a private jet.

  14. NotGurk says:

    won’t buy unless it’s the phone used in watch dogs

  15. Dylan Thomas says:

    Cheap ass looking phone you buy at the swap meet for $50

  16. Vincent Cardona says:

    I was expecting a back 36MP and a front 30MP camera. Still doesn’t worth

  17. Pera vines says:

    This phone is for Donald Trump.

  18. Thompter S. Hunson says:

    *”From the moment your phone is switched on, state-of-the-art cyber
    security software is protecting the privacy of all your communications”*.
    My Bullshit-Meter skyrocketed right there.

  19. Michou6220 says:

    does it fly?

  20. Aaron Gilbuena says:

    So $20k to not have the government spy on you