Unboxing The “New” Samsung Galaxy Fold

Unboxing The “New” Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is back on the market after various delays. The version in this unboxing video was imported from Korea.

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88 Responses

  1. Unbox Therapy says:


  2. Anuranjan Dubey says:

    Unfold the future Meet the Galaxy Fold

    Welcome to a whole new era where everyday exchanges, communication and ways of living are changing. It completely reinterprets the smartphone display, which is dyed when it comes to strength, and presents a display that has never been met by applying a new material’s unshielded shield. Wrapped in a sophisticated, high-quality finish, the Galaxy has all the benefits of a smartphone and tablet, so if you’re in the hands of Oldman, you’re completely in love with what you want. Meet the Galaxy Fold

  3. Gamers Respawn says:

    Can u talk about the Nintendo “Switch” Lite in one of your next videos

  4. Theamazingbros16 YT says:

    iPhone 11: *Comes Out*

    Unbox Therapy: Unboxing the galaxy fold

  5. ScottyG503 says:

    “let me take off my screen protector”
    that will get more views

  6. Ayden Hackney says:

    My grandmas phone can fold it’s called a flip phone

  7. KELLOGR 27 says:

    I was hoping for iPhone 11 unboxing but I’m not disappointed

  8. Nick Petesic says:

    Everybody: Unboxing the iPhone 11!

    Unbox therapy: Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy fold!


  9. Zak Sharaz says:

    Phone case makers
    *_ah shit here we go again_*

  10. MegaDerpy Gaming says:

    title should’ve been “Unfolding” The New Samsung Galaxy Fold

  11. Mind To Made says:

    The real question is…

    Can you fold it 8 times?

  12. Marnnador says:

    Wonder how the folding display will do in typical winter temperatures, since a lot of materials behave physically different in sub zero temperatures.

    • Caleb A says:

      Interesting tests ahead i’m sure! I do have personal experience in cold weather having frozen cold hands unable to register any touch on my Samsung S9.

    • thejjzzable says:

      The Cardboard Lord i live in Finland and every Apple phone work just fine.

    • Hege says:

      @thejjzzable nah. Apple phones keep shutting off in the winter. Happens to my family and friends.

    • Anzuis 20 says:

      Hege lol ur dumb phones aren’t seasonal. It’s normal for the battery to act up on devices in FREEZING cold temperatures. I have an apple and she’s always running perfectly fine in the winter

    • Hege says:

      @Anzuis 20 Yeah i know that fucking idiot. Still haven’t once had or seen a samsung do that though. My friends and mothers apples keep doing it. Happened to her on all of her iphones.

  13. Joshua Paes says:

    I can’t wait until JerryRigEverything gets his hands on the fold.

  14. ManO'War - Brawl Stars says:

    **iPhone 11 comes out**

    Unbox Therapy: “I’m just gonna pretend like I didn’t see that”

  15. Dominic Drader says:

    Heart says: Galaxy Fold
    Brain says: Note 10+
    Wallet says: Pixel 3a

  16. Sage Park says:

    It’s very difficult to get even in Korea, because it’s limited edition and is in high demand.
    Fold is being resold at $4000~$5500 right now.

  17. GL. T says:

    Lew : You can actually buy it right now

    * Checks bank account *

    No i can’t…

  18. Kirby Prudon says:

    Next video: I’m switching to the iPhone 11 ??‍♂️

  19. RedboneYT says:

    Let us all respect and appreciate the hardwork of all the engineers and developers behind this model, this technology may change how we see our smartphones nowadays

  20. MINHO LEE says:

    I’m Korean. It translates into:

    Unfold your future. Meet the Galaxy Fold.
    Welcome to a new era of how we interact and communicate with the world. The galaxy fold gives new meaning to what a smartphone screen can be, and is now protected by a new high-tech screen protector that has never been implemented on phones ever before. The Galaxy fold possesses advantages of both a smartphone and a tablet, and allows users to be immersed in anything that they do with it. Built with thin yet durable materials – meet the new galaxy fold.

    You’re welcome

    • benzmansl65amg says:


    • Jesse Garcia says:

      Well it’s actually pretty much just like it is. It’s a lyric to a song. The whole lyric in context is “we don’t believe what’s on TV, because it’s what we want to see. And what we want, we know we can’t believe. We have all learned to kill our dreams.”
      Basically, we have all been taught that killing our dreams is the best thing to do. Not follow them.

      I’m not sure if there’s a direct translation for the exact lyric, “We have all learned to kill our dreams.” I’d just like it to be as close as possible. I greatly appreciate your reply. =)

    • Anzuis 20 says:

      Jesse Garcia literally just type it into google translate. Prolly an Android user. Smh

    • Veonnj Caines says:

      @Anzuis 20 yo. He’s just dumb. Chill you apple nittle sheeplet.

    • Akmal Danial says:

      @Veonnj Caines Not everything can be perfectly translated, because certains words are only used in certain contexts…

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