Uncensored – Key & Peele – Negrotown

Uncensored – Key & Peele – Negrotown

A black man who’s stopped by the police discovers that there’s a way to escape racism.

Season 5 Premieres July 8.

Watch more Key & Peele: http://on.cc.com/1bt0p7s

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20 Responses

  1. grimmer190 says:

    They forgot the part where they then become the oppressors.

  2. Gabe Steinberg says:

    F U N D I T


  3. Dae Dae says:

    Imagine all the white tourist it would bring!

  4. Ged Agnors says:

    South Park.)

  5. Mike Adams says:

    I’m black and this sucks

  6. Bodah Visionz says:

    I thought I was going to Negrotown?

    Oh you are…..lol

  7. Lunos Pariah says:

    Only in fiction haha

  8. blueagardq11 says:

    Wander if any cops are in NegroTown?

  9. Urban Ninjas says:

    Cant a nigga finish a song… i mean CAN A NIGGA FINISH?!

  10. Cosmic Soybean says:

    Different spin on Detroit I suppose.

  11. cardsharkaa says:

    There really should have been fountains flowing with purple drank, and
    every corner needed fried chicken and watermelon carts.

  12. Derrick Rose says:

    +sithgamer White people getting hurt because they aren’t included in
    everything. Typical…

  13. XxGlobalGamerxX says:

    Funny but sad lmao

  14. Braeden Hysuick says:

    Just move to Canada

  15. Lu M says:

    Funny and 100% TRUE 

  16. malik chatman says:

    I though this was Buckhead.

  17. Nathaniel Garcia says:

    Why can’t it be like this in Baltimore

  18. Clinton Lawson says:

    If that would’ve been ‘White Town’, the world would’ve burst in flames….

  19. tibor warski says:

    “no white bitches to take them away”….laughing of the out louding!

  20. Ablaza Grant says:

    That shit ain’t funny.