Uncle Drew | Chapter 4 | Pepsi

Uncle Drew | Chapter 4 | Pepsi

Uncle Drew is down in Miami putting in work and settling old scores.

Players and spectators at the court were told that they would be filmed as part of a “basketball documentary,” but instead they witnessed a showdown that they will never forget.

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20 Responses

  1. Cobrali says:

    i loved it when he did a jr smith impression

  2. Cristhofer Ortiz says:

    After a few years, this is a complete disappointment. I’m really let down
    by pepsi.

  3. Mohamed Sagna says:

    this game is and will always be about buckets by UNCLE DREW.

  4. King Diamond 51fifty says:

    Kobe will never,win another championship just throwing that out there.

  5. CFarren27 says:

    I just happened to look up Uncle Drew today

  6. brian ramesar says:


  7. Ge'micheal Scott says:

    loving the uncle drew video. had me rolling

  8. Austin Li says:

    Is this what i get after waiting for 2 years…

  9. Noah Shalan says:

    ray ray would still win against kyrie

  10. HengSheng Cai (Luke) says:

    not funny anymore

  11. March Molina says:

    Anyone else feel that the chapter didnt fit with the original storyline?

  12. Jonathan Romo says:

    I can’t find the second chapter to this series.

  13. five october says:

    he’s injured tho…

  14. NJA2k8 says:

    If anybody knows street ball, it’s Baron Davis and not just because he was
    on the cover of a videogame either

  15. FaZe Spoder says:

    no fun when the audience knows who it was more fun when they were
    undercover forreal and showed these kids grandpa got it in him when shots
    wet af

  16. Brandon Didion says:

    The way to make this series explode would be to include the old lebron from
    “the Lebrons”.

  17. kashan jatoi says:

    pakistanis favorite..

  18. Elijah Fuentes (Yeezus) says:

    Ray Ray

  19. Donovan Underwood says:

    The other old guy with the big belly is Ray Allen!

  20. Blacknd Mild says:

    Kyrie better not be doing this with his fucked up kneecap