Uncle Howdy appears as Bray Wyatt and LA Knight brawl on SmackDown | WWE on FOX

Uncle Howdy appears as Bray Wyatt and LA Knight brawl on SmackDown | WWE on FOX

Uncle Howdy made a chilling appearance on Friday Night SmackDown after Bray Wyatt and LA Knight got into a shocking brawl in the ring.

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Uncle Howdy appears as Bray Wyatt and LA Knight brawl on SmackDown | WWE on FOX


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36 Responses

  1. WWE ON FOX says:

    How shook would you be if Uncle Howdy suddenly appeared by you?

  2. Cerebral Starmie says:

    3:45 “Hey…you wanna see something…REALLY scary?!”

    REALLY nice callback to the first main roster Wyatt Family promo.

  3. Izel Seay says:

    The fact that uncle Howdy said the OG line from the 1st Wyatt Family promo made this storyline more intriguing WELCOME TO SMACKDOWN UNCLE HOWDY This segment was a 10/10 to perfection cant wait til next week This is top tier suspense Bravo!👏

  4. Gregory Taylor says:

    Bray Wyatt paying Tribute to Brodie Lee was awesome I miss Brodie Lee wish he was still here with us all

  5. Showaker says:

    Bray continues to show his creativity. Hopefully wwe keeps allowing him to do his thing and when the sad day of his in ring retirement comes, hopefully he’s hired on as a writer.

  6. JaythaSupreme says:

    La knights impersonation of bray had me crying 🤣🤣🤣 “it wasn’t me my brother”

  7. El Cabro says:

    Shout out to LA Knight for doing his thing with these promos YEAH

  8. SG_Von says:

    LA’s Bray impersonation though 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Dan E. says:

    Love the homage to Luke Harper. Happy birthday and rest well Luke.

  10. Sir Michael Hunt says:

    Oh how I miss Bray and his creative ways to scare tf out of a crowd. 😀

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