Is Jamie Oliver egg fry rice really that bad? Let’s see, let’s see!
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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe

Uncle Roger is the creation of comedian Nigel Ng.

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31 Responses

  1. Kyouno says:

    The fact Uncle Roger is really trying his best to get Jamie Oliver to comment on his video at least once really says something. This is honestly a challenge at this point!

    • Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro says:

      @Dwayne Wilson What scandal?

    • Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro says:

      @zenati madiha IMO, JO’s recipes are disrespectful and insulting to the cultures and traditions of the cuisines he butchers. It’s also disrespectful and a disservice to his followers, who might think he’s making the real deal, while he’s deceiving them. Either he doesn’t have the palate for the original dishes or he thinks poorly about his viewers and believes western people are incapable of appreciating other cuisines.

    • Neptune Nep says:

      You are everywhere

    • baldbacon says:

      @mrnigelng 🅥 bro I thought u were real

    • stu Art says:

      He’s lost so much money he’s just hiding in a dark corner right 3.

  2. The Millennial Gardener says:

    Surprisingly accurate recreation! This is Uncle Roger’s version of self-flagellation.

  3. Olivia Smith says:

    The fact that Jamie doesn’t put a single grain of salt in that entire dish is incredible.
    Chili jam aside, this might be the most baffling thing about this whole recipe.

  4. Julia Red says:

    There’s no way Jamie doesn’t know about uncle roger by now 😂

  5. a Akoedia says:

    I love how Auntie Liz was trying to be diplomatic in evaluating Jamie’s rice, while her husband spits it without thinking twice.

  6. kami_ugaei says:

    I love how he quoted Jamie Oliver while cooking his terrible food

  7. Radian says:

    Man, I do love whenever Auntie Liz shows up in this videos. The chemistry between them, taking jabs at each other… is amazing!

  8. Hrishi Das says:

    Aunty Liz is like ” 1 in a 1000 friend ” whom you can rarely find✨

  9. Hienieken says:

    I think his friendship with Auntie Liz must be crazy solid for him to make the cookbook dig on the outtake. That’s like childhood strong friendship. ❤️
    Congrats on the baby Auntie Liz!

    • Hienieken says:

      @Ryan Hellyer I think if she was pissed at it, he would have left it out of the outtakes. He needs these collabs as much as these chefs could use the publicity, so I doubt he’d screw them over like that. I actually think it’s better for her to own it. In any case, I want to see nut allergy husband make his Sophie’s choice. 🙃

    • Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro says:

      @ben frary Wow!! Really? It’s amazing she’s brave enough to face the world of social media after that.

    • Ashley Williamson says:

      @ben frary oh no! thanks for the explanation!

    • ben frary says:

      @Ashley Williamson parts were plagiarized, so the publisher pulled it

    • Ashley Williamson says:

      @Ryan Hellyer What happened with her book?

  10. nbr 379 says:

    when uncle Rodger is cooking i love how auntie Liz is like “Professionals have standards”

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