Niece and nephew, go visit Matsudai ramen, or get one of their ramen kits online (UK only): https://matsudai.co.uk/
Big thank you to nephew James for filming with Uncle Roger. This weejio not sponsored, we just good friends and Uncle Roger love his ramen.

Uncle Roger’s favorite noodles and dumplings (US only): https://thexcj.com/pages/uncleroger

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38 Responses

  1. Nick DiGiovanni says:

    Imagine Jamie with an uncle title. Never going to happen.

  2. Nisa Aghnia says:

    You should’ve let Valentina taste Matsudai’s ramen so she knows how it’s SUPPOSED TO TASTE LIKE😩

  3. Endless Summer says:

    Somehow it hurt even more to watch Uncle Roger make this than it did to watch Jamie make it.

    • Anton Balfe says:

      That’s because we know uncle Roger is great chef having to lower him self to Jamie Oliver level

    • Pinoy Open Source Graphic Designer says:

      Yes, but in all fairness, I think he did Oliver’s process, step by step.

      Personally this is just showing Jamie isn’t the genius chef that I thought he was. A Salt Bae soulmate.

    • Hafi Renggayuda says:

      The difference is, Uncle Roger hurt himself by doing this

    • Emiliyan Yankov says:

      This is what happens when he stoops to Jamie’s level.

  4. alyssa smith says:

    restaurants are a tough business even in good times. Matsudai looks like a gem, and should be supported. I hope they prosper and share their food across the country. Good veejo.

  5. Dumbalina says:

    Imagine Jamie pressing charges against Uncle Roger for defamation and the entire court room ends up agreeing on Uncle Roger’s roasts.

  6. Comady_ReactZ😂👀 says:

    I love the fact he shows the bloopers at the end it shows that he don’t just make people think he is perfect coz slot of YouTubers don’t show the bloopers I love that about him

  7. Wambamrightintheham says:

    Uncle Roger really just became Roger for this video.

  8. groofay says:

    Uncle Roger is so committed to the bit, he even wore a tablecloth over his orange polo.

  9. Taasnia Fatema Progga says:

    I love how he’s wearing his own version of table cloth like Jamie Oliver 😂

  10. sajdah waqia says:

    The fact that the pure talent , time and dedication he took to do so poorly. Making his ancestors cry for us …this shows real love 😂❤

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