Uncle Roger Think Cowboy Fried Rice SO WEIRD (Kent Rollins)

Uncle Roger Think Cowboy Fried Rice SO WEIRD (Kent Rollins)

To all my Malaysian niece and nephew, #nowyoucan get Heineken 0.0 deliver to your house: http://bit.ly/Heineken00UncRog #socialiseresponsibly. For non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.

Check out nephew Nigel stupid love story on his podcast: https://youtu.be/6ERwJSBh9gk?t=803

Original weejio from @Cowboy Kent Rollins: https://youtu.be/AYTRjdNwMiA

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Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees (https://www.instagram.com/morgantherees/)

Uncle Roger is the creation of UK-based comedian Nigel Ng.

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69 Responses

  1. Joker Productions says:

    Kent Rollins taught me everything I know about cast iron pans!

    Clicked this video so fast that Comcast throttled my Internet speed for punishment.

  2. ARguy says:

    Southern translation “Flounder up in there like a dead carp laying in the sunshine for a week” meaning to become so full and bloated you could explode with a smell that would offend most

    • jadon joshua says:

      @Chris Griffin It’s called hUmOr. Uncle Roger said it himself.

    • Cryptonic says:

      Can we have a translation for the translated sentences

    • Justin Bury says:

      Chris Griffin Try to be less like a self righteous white knight white boy.

    • Persnikitty says:

      Well, he’s Southern, as in Oklahoma. Am Texican, and we owe Oklahoma a debt: if they didn’t suck so much, we would have slid into into Gulf a while back.

      That said (and yes, was a joke) do love me some Kent Rollins. Taught me a lot about cast iron cookery, especially for camping or in the field. Camp kitchen, you can’t exactly hit the local grocer for things needed, as that might be several hours distant.

    • Thyda Cooking TV says:

      That’s great translation

  3. FLStyle says:

    Confirmed: Cowboy Kent is a better chef than Jamie Oliver.

  4. Ogre Gasm says:

    “If there is even one Asian guy on that ranch, he is lost”

  5. FlareDarkStorm Wave says:

    “If you can even find one Asian guy on this ranch, that guy is lost.”

    I’m dead

  6. It's That Guy Wes says:

    “why so weak?”

    – uchiha roger, 2021 –

  7. Kellyyuu says:

    “the only 5 star michelin that uncle roger know is felix” yes i agree! me too!

  8. I Like Videos says:

    His accent sounds like he’s doing a parody of a western american. Much like Nigel is doing an overly stereotypical asian accent with his Uncle Roger character.

  9. Punnawit Soothimoke says:

    I love how Felix is coming out of nowhere lmao.

  10. Jamless ChimChim says:

    “if you smack your kids, dont smack then with cast iron skillet, unless they really fucked up” Uncle Roger: 2021

  11. Max Chu says:

    At least he’s using a spoon while eating rice, not like other foreigners

  12. Gstareng says:

    “Only 5-star Michelin Uncle Roger know is Felix from Stray Kids.” OMG YESSS

  13. WanganAsura says:

    “Who makes sauce with celery?”
    Culinarians everywhere 🙂

  14. Titan Killer Reviews says:

    Zero percent alcohol beer is like going to a hooker for a cuddle.

  15. ZeronXepher says:

    Wow Heineken. I’m so upset he didn’t put it over ice like what all of us weirdos do.

    • Hưng Nguyễn says:

      ah, Mr. Xeron, I see that you are also a man of culture as well 😀

    • Mr. Dense says:

      Wait…excuse me, what? Where does ice come into fried rice?

    • ZeronXepher says:

      @Hưng Nguyễn I mean you’d understand. Us vietnamese do this.

    • Mochi GB says:

      @ZeronXepher do what i do and make beer ice cubes

    • Arie Goossens says:

      Indeed….Heineken 🙁 As a Dutch person I can honestly say Heineken is one of the worst beers of our country. If you want a good Dutch beer, I can recommend you a Grolsch or a Hertog Jan. In the East of Netherlands we have a special way of turning good beer into Heineken. First you take the good beer and make a goat drink it, when the goat finished to “process” it….you catch the urine and can label it Heineken

  16. Nerrissa Rich says:

    His voice when he said “sorry children”😳 …I want that as my ringtone.
    Who gets drunk off Heineken anyway?!

  17. Cowboy Kent Rollins says:

    Thanks Uncle Rodger, you come by the wagon and we will cook some beef

  18. JH W says:

    White privilege: herding cattle in the middle of nowhere

  19. TimeBucks says:

    I wasn’t expecting a stray kids reference

  20. Fierce Peter Gaming says:

    *Uncle Roger I’m your BIGGEST fan (in weight)*

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