Today a fan of ours gave us permission to explore and investigate a haunted house that is alot like the Amityville horror house but most people won’t visit this real life Amityville haunted house or even live in it. They said we won’t last 10 minutes. We”ll see.

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61 Responses

  1. Jose Alicea Jr. says:

    WOW…..Kinda reminds me a little bit of Amityville. …But very creepy, just be careful guys…

  2. LeeAnn Bergevine says:

    Bathroom mirror was closed u turned bck open

  3. KC C. says:

    Love sponsoring your channel Omar…awesome early vids..Stay blessed love you lots ❤☺❤

  4. Mel Cormier says:

    My husband started snoring right near the minute mark and when you say “what was that!?” He snores. You laughing saying “that didn’t take long!” I started to giggle uncontrollably

  5. AngelChai says:

    Did anybody see the shadow on the staircase at 16:19 – 16:26

  6. Glitter Girl says:

    Awesome video Omar! 😘
    FYI today’s Patty’s Birthday!😉

  7. Heather McKay says:

    21:14 sounds like a disembodied voice whispers, What’s up with James?? Did anyone else catch this ??

  8. Mayra 1128 says:

    No your not crazy i heard that to something was coming up behind you…& something was thrown I heard it…

  9. The FAM says:

    I dropped my Video of this Haunted House a couple weeks ago. It’s called “(😱) The Hauntings have not Stopped Here” Watch Side by Side right after our Intros……

  10. The Potato Cow says:

    11:29 Anyone hear bens gauze or something

  11. The Water pony says:

    The girl in the thumbnail looks like she hasn’t eaten a Snickers in a month

  12. jayesh badole says:

    I am from 🇮🇳 ➕ 😉 many Indians ❤️😘 👀 👉 ➕ I ➡ course I ❤️😘

  13. Talixanz says:

    Please don’t be like Moe, I actually like your videos.

    • Tina says:

      I honestly hope he is not going to be like Moe and start staging his videos. Been watching Omar from the beginning and would be very disappointed.

    • ChenandOrlando Around the World says:

      You mean the chairs suddenly moved to the other path way in the other video. Now the doors open and closed… yes I noticed long time ago but I like this video and tend not to see it.

  14. Diana Hutsel-Demers says:

    What you thought was the kitchen, was the “Butler’s Pantry”. It’s a large pantry used to store supplies and prepare the trays of food to present to the dinning room.

  15. HOLYWALKER' S says:

    Great video Omar keep up the great work

  16. Bonnie Silva says:

    Omar Awesome Video. 7:16 the medicine cabinet mirror in closed then at 7:55 it’s open. 16:23-16:25 a shadow on the banister.

  17. Nekaukitty 65 says:

    “Be quiet for 5 mins”…. Doesn’t even last a few seconds.

  18. captain porkie says:

    I caught that Omar. If you’re going to stage something be mindful of the glares.
    Nice try.

  19. Regina Marcum says:

    Omar at 4:55 I heard a women cough. I had to re listen to it. Wow that’s scary as hell.. Do a part 2 but go back you n James both n sleep there at 3am . love you Omar GIMME KISS😘

  20. Booty GAwD says:

    12:23 I swear there is something translucent to left of that right window WTF

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