Under Attack in Ukraine’s Southeast | Russia-Ukraine War

Under Attack in Ukraine’s Southeast | Russia-Ukraine War

Our cameras captured life on the front lines in southeast Ukraine, where Russian shelling is relentless and it feels like the war is inching closer every day.

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35 Responses

  1. Redhead Llaustin says:

    The lady going around feeding the dogs that were left behind is an angel. God keep her and her family safe

  2. Chirag Shekhar says:

    This is meaningful, important work that will help people empathise with the faces in the statistics they read about in the media. Thank you for producing this.

    • Fred Sullivan says:

      @silviufx Also, look up Bandera and shukhevych monuments in Ukraine. These monuments were placed there not long ago. Look up who they are. Look up oun-b, UPA, Azov, aidar, right sector. After looking all this up form your own opinion.

    • Fred Sullivan says:

      @silviufx You need to really understand what is going on in Ukraine because it is more complex than what media makes it seem. See in 2014 after the coup the then president Poroshenko created laws to erradicate opposition which included the bombardment of donbass. There is a documentary on this called donbass by Anne Laure bonnel. Do you not care about all people or you choose who you care for? Look up 2014 Odessa massacre.

    • Nolian Delano says:

      Ukrainians do not war against itself.

  3. gabi v says:

    I keep watching these videos with tears in my eyes, what did they ever do to deserve this? Imagine losing your house, blown to pieces, you survive perhaps, but what you worked for is all gone in flames. And don’t ever imagine that there is some miraculous help to rebuild, or insurance, there isn’t.
    Just like the whole infrastructure of Ukraine, bombed to dust, while this country is a key player to the world economy. Forget the gas prices, see what’s going to happen without the food that they are usually producing, it will be chaos next winter.

    • PATTY PERRY says:

      i agree,people are complaing about how they have to payt a dollar more for gas,wow ,maybe those people should moved to ukraine or better yet,russia,or china.i would pay 10 dollar more if it means helping these beautiful sweet peaceful people,putin needs to go,yesterday

    • The Kansas Jayhawk says:

      Makes you realize just how lucky and or fortunate you are. All of us really.

  4. Josh Dawson says:

    Absolutely devastating, well done to the film/news crew giving this perspective into the war that has already destroyed so much.

    • Juno tey says:

      Pandora papers.. – now you can see why he started the war and why he did close 4 tv chanels in uklrnaina..

    • Land of Stan says:

      As good as a Hollywood production.

    • Juno tey says:

      sy thanks to zelink and his aim, of get power and money..

    • Dawid B says:

      Jeśli kto chce iść za Mną, niech się zaprze samego siebie, niech co dnia bierze krzyż swój i niech Mnie naśladuje! Bo kto chce zachować swoje życie, straci je, a kto straci swe życie z mego powodu, ten je zachowa – Jezus Chrystus

  5. chad morris says:

    Shout out to the film crew doing an amazing job. You guys are the eyes and ears of the world, showing us what’s really going on.

    • TeamChard says:

      @fevgg Jesus Christ, you’re not even trying to convince anybody, are you? All your information is so easily debunked, it’s ridiculous. I’m done wasting my time with you.

  6. Really Happenings says:

    Having escorted elderly parents through precarious passages into barest comfort and safety, the adults caring for their mothers affected me

    • J J C says:

      @GreenEyedLady I agree that countries should be held accountable for their troops. This is true for both sides.

    • GreenEyedLady says:

      This piece hit me right in the heart. It’s a nightmare for nearly all of the Ukrainians, but especially for the elderly and/or disabled in the horribly war torn regions. Russia needs to be held accountable for these war crimes in every possible way.

    • J J C says:

      I heard a UK citizen, Aiden Aslin, got captured. I hope he is OK.

  7. MUSA BENJAMIN says:

    Proud to see sons and daughters taking care of the elderly, they are highly depending on them. A woman taking care of the animals, shows how caring they are… God protect them and grant them the Victory. Together with Ukrainians.

  8. rainonmeandyou says:

    I cry and my heart goes out to the woman staying so as to not betray her animals. I can only hope that under the same circumstances I would have as much courage.

  9. Diego Armando Maradona says:

    my god man my heart goes with the women stayed for her animals

  10. Bonita Dannells says:

    The woman who feeds the dogs and cats – I’ll be thinking of her for a long time. She has moral values and a kind heart.

    • Wicket ANd FRIENDs PARODY says:

      Ps the girl was is Bangladeshi. No NAZi’s holding her captive. Shii is ridiculous!!!

    • sdk4422 says:

      @Сергей Щерба you should be in the market fighting over sugar. I’m heading to McDonald’s to pay with my Visa card do you want me to pick up a shake for you 😜😜😜

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