Undercover Boss BLOWS UP on Store Manager

Undercover Boss BLOWS UP on Store Manager

The undercover CEO of WIld Wings absolutely BLOWS UP on an abusive store manager, and hires his staff to come work for him instead!

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25 Responses

  1. Trxpifyz says:

    People don’t understand the work that goes behind the scenes to keep a company running. You can’t keep a place open for long with a guy like that. Glad the Ceo stepped up. Goes to show he truly cares.

    • Todd Doering says:

      Maybe the damning parts were cut, but we went from only hearing her side, to him walking in on them yelling at each other pretty equally, which is strange between an employee and boss, especially the kind of boss that pins things on you. And then the owner blew up on him never giving him a chance to explain himself. This is as one-sided as things can get, we heard complaints from one person and then just assumed that’s all that’s going on. This was a demonstration of poor leadership, but not the manager’s.

    • GangstaDrz says:

      @Zia Sun And board members.

    • Zia Sun says:

      More CEO’s need to go undercover!

  2. Kristi Brooks says:

    This is the kind of stuff that may cause an employee to go postal. Sad and scary.

  3. humphrey bogarden says:

    Finally a boss with cahones, and generous. Not some wimpy gesture. 3x salary is huge long term and a free car short and long term. Our whole family is going to find this place and eat there, good ceo earned my respect.

    • underourrock says:

      ​@Josh Harvey so you’ve worked at lots of them or just one badly managed one?

    • Michael Orchard says:

      Can we apply this same sentiment to Joe biden now that he has seriously threatened the usd?

    • Alicia Bryant says:

      Where is this place located, I like what the CEOdid for his employee

    • Josh Harvey says:

      ​@jason bellotti no Costco isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, myself and my brother work there and not every store is the same in that way. Some stores have shit managers and it sucks. It’s more hype than actual real!

    • Evelyn Chapel says:

      ​@jason bellotti Costco…ROFLMFAO

  4. C says:

    I’ll definitely be supportibg this guy’s business whenever I’m in the US. This CEO definitely showed up and dished that Karma. This young lady had an Angel by her side that day. Right place, right time. 🙏❤️ God’s timing is perfect and he’s always right on time. 🙌

  5. Sentarry says:

    Wow, that boss is bigger than the manager. Literally. I thought he was going to get knocked out by the boss with one punch. Also, what a great boss for sticking up to the manager going against company policy

  6. fizi247 says:

    She received a lot of hugs from the undercover boss.

    A lot of hugs.

  7. massey didehbani says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m so happy for her. I’m 65 years old here and was in the restaurant business is a waitress almost my whole life, this would have been the fantasy of a lifetime

  8. JAZZBLUES says:


  9. Derek Malicki says:

    This is how all bosses should be, no matter what color shirt you have on. Triple their salary and lend a hand personally. That’s all we ask

  10. Jean-Rene' says:

    _I’m glad for her._ ~ Hope all works out.

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