Undercover Boss is Ridiculous

Undercover Boss is Ridiculous

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I found the worst episodes of Undercover Boss and I needed to make fun of them on camera pls enjoy!

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thanks for watching!

comment “hooter i heardly know her” if ur reading this


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48 Responses

  1. Kara Shumer says:

    The fact that the ceo doesn’t do anything when jimbo forces them to eat beans is disgusting and speaks volumes. Then he doesn’t fire him 😒

    • Vault-Born says:

      @Ember D&T AND he admitted that the reason he treated them that way was BECAUSE he had contempt for women. Just openly admitted ‘i think women need put in their place’ on TV at work and the proceeded to do so! And the CEO watched! Didn’t do anything! A verbal warning after the fact, that’s it. For an open misogynist.

    • Mica says:

      @Jamie Morgan yeah. i would think it’s staged but like.. yeah negative exposure is still exposure and all that but surely no person would watch these spineless pigs and go “hell yeah today we eat at hooters”. very very odd

    • milkey way says:

      @Sarah C coby is the hooters dude

    • citrine says:

      I read this comment before I watched the video and I straight up thought you were making things up

  2. Sarah Carter says:

    my dad literally walked in when kurtis said “that’s how you summon every dad” and now i don’t know how to feel !

  3. Liz Lemon says:

    Hooters CEO disciplining his pervert misogynist manager: “We all make mistakes in the heat of passion, Jimbo.”

  4. Amaryllis Flower says:

    Some men only care about women’s worth in relation to men, like when they only care thinking it’s someone daughter and could possibly be theirs one day. It’s selfish.

  5. MargaritaMolly says:

    Kurtis, you left out a part. The only reason she was in a tshirt instead of a bikini was because she didn’t want her grandmother seeing her on tv dressed like that.

  6. Sonia’s Way says:

    Why do CEO’s even disguise themselves when no one knows who they are

  7. RAD EDITS says:

    Ah yes, another episode of grown men using women’s bodies to milk money but the women themselves are shamed and treated terribly for the jobs men created. _wonderful_

  8. Melissa Taylor says:

    So Jimbo doesn’t get fired and Jessica does? Disgusting.

    • Megan Schmidt says:


    • Karen Richard says:

      yeah the amount of audacity in that show is just off the charts. jimbo and both the ceos are just living slime.

    • bri says:

      the fact that the guy just has to apologize and play nice like theyre disciplining a two year old when he has been mistreating his staff for probably multiple years and will probably continue, and a girl who was wearing a shirt and working purely for money so they can survive gets fired. thats so gross.

  9. doodoobutter101 says:

    Omg Barbie saying “BALLS” with reverb is the best running joke.

  10. Marie Elizabeth says:

    So Jessica, a PERFECTLY qualified women gets fired for wearing a shirt, Meanwhile JIMBO gets off with a warning when he’s harassing his female employees?! Make it make sense.

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