Undercover Boss Of Checkers Restaurant Is Forced To Reveal Himself

Undercover Boss Of Checkers Restaurant Is Forced To Reveal Himself

The Undercover Boss of Checkers Restaurant makes a tough choice and reveals himself to the crew, and gives a hardworking employee $15,000 to help out his mother.

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45 Responses

  1. Chris Sarvello says:

    Paying for him to finish his Culinary schooling, that’s pretty awesome. Not only is he setting him up as more of an asset to his company, but he’s setting him up to achieve even more.

  2. TNBadBoy says:

    Seeing employees like Todd getting rewarded for being GREAT people as well as EMPLOYEES is what it SHOULD be about. I love when the guys in the office come down to the floor and see what reality looks like and instead of burying their head in the sand they stand up and take responsibility and fix things. This show rocks.

    • Kwisclub TA says:

      @Thomas Grabowski If you want to learn about business, there are better resources to learn from than a phony daytime TV show.

    • Thomas Grabowski says:

      Im going to binge “undercover boss”. Super stoked to learn from this show! Looks like an EXCELLENT learning tool and examples of how to carry yourself in buisness. 😁💖

    • Sloane says:

      Paying his tuition, expenses and giving him a 15K stipend is WAY better (and cheaper) for Checkers than if Todd decided to sue the company. You also can’t pick just one employee from a crew. You do the whole crew. Remember, if you’re on TV you’re getting paid too.

    • Robert Barabas says:

      Dont throw away your tissues just now, its a show. Nobody gets recognised if there is no camera rolling. Companies pays to UB to be a part of the show how they look nice once they sort out the bad employees etc so you would more likely join them.

    • Billie Stevens says:

      All scripted and rehearsed

  3. lepen says:

    The CEO shows empathy and understanding, and wasn’t in denial over how the business was going,

    • Kwisclub TA says:

      @Old Blue Witch I don’t think “playing both sides” means what you think it means. You just described playing YOUR side vs two “opponents.”

    • Joe Momma says:

      @Daniel Stack cheesecurds for life

    • Eavy Muturuh says:

      @StarLink777 exactly

    • Tihetris Weathersby says:

      @Bradley 422
      He’s latin

    • Old Blue Witch says:

      His empathy and understanding only work on paper. Here’s the way it really happens, from a former food manager.

      Everything is about what you can afford. Best case, profit margin in food is less than 15% at the end of the balance sheet. For alot of places that’s closer to 3 or 4%.

      Pay 8.25 an hour. *Refuse overtime.*

      Require erratic schedules to prevent acquisition of a second or god forbid better job. _Second job splits focus and leads to complications I don’t want._

      Juggle words. I have to figure out how to get results without risking walkouts.
      _After all, they can get yelled at anyplace for that wage._

      Be prepared to run the joint by myself.

      _My owner is that, exactly. They own me._

      Play both sides, the owner vs me, me vs employees but NEVER the owner vs employees. Never.

      The show is a show. It’s not real. 99.99% of food service is misery.

  4. Xavier says:

    It is good see CEO’s doing the right thing with their employees.

  5. greywolf0167 says:

    This is how you do it when a CEO takes on the issue knowing full well that his office is part of the problem and talks to his front line workers like they are just as important as the clients…well all I can say is …this is a real man.

  6. Marie ASMR says:

    Just the fact that he was so upset about how his employees were being treated that he right then closed putting them above his money is just wonderful! Checkers most definitely will have my business from now on!! I’ve seen managers/owners treat people worse and be ok with it. This CEO most definitely cares about his people!! Loved it.

    • Sarcastically Rearranged says:

      Outy Man,
      You know that those general managers are paid salary and putting in at least 80 hours!

    • Joe Momma says:

      @Outy Man he was calling other managers to train that store and employees
      What’s the point of closing down for the night to bring in another crew? Haha

    • Outy Man says:

      2:03 – lol, he called up his salary slaves at night to run the restaurant.

  7. Maryann McQueen says:

    This undercover Boss is a real understanding man, he owned what his company failed to do, train the people that work for them. I was awe struck at how he helped this young man realize his dream in life and gave relief to his family so he has not so much pressure. God Bless you Checkers !!!!

  8. Manuel Paez says:

    This dude is awesome. Not only he realizes that there is a problem with culture, not the food. He closes de restaurant immediately and sends the manager into training. Changing the corporate values. But, Sir, you need to increase the pay of your workers, so they can live better. When I saw that man crying because he could not lose his job because his mother depends on his income, that hit me, that was real.

  9. Bill Ledbetter says:

    The CEO says what he means and means what he says. He was able to recognize where the actual fault lay and he took steps to amend it. What he did for that young man was incredible.

  10. Ethan Albert says:

    Every company should have an “under cover boss” it leads to restructuring and real people like this guy getting what they deserve. I hope culinary school is going well my brother! 💪

    • MagicalBread says:

      @Karen Not every tv show is fake. Obviously they hand picked this location because of its dysfunction (kinda like Kitchen Nightmares), and for the employees’ stories but most of these interactions and people are very real.

    • TheOriginalPyroBEAST says:

      This was filmed in feb 2012 so I sure hope he’s graduated by now

    • Karen says:

      They are actors

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