Undercover Boss Shuts Down Checkers Restaurant On The Spot

Undercover Boss Shuts Down Checkers Restaurant On The Spot

The CEO of Checkers and Rally’s restaurants gets into a fiery confrontation with a rude manager, and decides to shut the restaurant down on the spot!

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24 Responses

  1. Jennifer Garcia says:

    The look on the manager’s face after he found out he was talking to the CEO was everything.

  2. Rob C. says:

    That CEO actually has great Humility and Patience. Props to not showboating his position and sticking to protocol with training.

  3. navyskaterdude says:

    Good Job CEO!! That kid crying just wanting to help his family by working killed me. I haven’t worked fast food since I was a kid in the 70s. Back then things were different. They were all about training & keeping employees happy. It was my first job and many things I learned at that McDonalds helped me out my whole working life including 25 yrs in the US Navy. Thank you Jim & Andy, my McDonalds managers back in 1975

  4. ssfbob says:

    If you watch closely, you can see the exact moment when the CEO decides to shatter the GM’s grasp on reality.

  5. Chimmichurri says:

    this is one reason why i love this show. If the CEO even gets fed up with bullshit, then they actually get to see firsthand whats actually going on. And another reason is seeing the end when they have the sit down with the employees they worked with or for then either reward them nicely, or straight up call them out on their bullshit. I do admit i think some of the people recognise the CEO’s way too early so of course they spill their guts about sensistive things. But meh, still a great show to watch 😀

  6. Tom Padilla says:

    Smh! 🙄 This is the main thing corporate never sees. Damn all up management never sees this. It’s about time someone like this so called general manager was caught red handed treating other employees very disrespectfully. I can not fathom treating anyone like that and going home with no guilt.

    • Mr. C.C. says:

      They’ve had upper management catch shitty middle management or people training you be shitty to employees a number of times on the show. They’ve shown people get canned on national television. Imagine saying that in your next interview…

    • Stanley Yelnats says:

      @Hope Fliers dang straight!!!!

    • Ben Davidson says:

      @Mickey Mouse ​ Well there’s a whole web of management between the CEO and the GM of a store. There’s often reigonal managers for example, who’s jobs are typically corporate-facing but who also have to work with GMs. A good regional manager should be checking up on their stores independently, but a CEO could keep tabs on things like this by requiring regional managers to make unannounced visits and report any issues.

    • Mona Johnson says:

      @Pastor turned Atheist No it was a chain of stores that went out of the retail side of ice cream business. I later discovered my boss was embezzelling product from the stores he was over. He and his side chick had started seling ice cream and he was stealing supplies from the company. So was his GF. It was a mess. I worked there for about 3 years. I had to testify against him and his flooze. I saw what his actions did to his family. His daughter was one of my crew. She and her Mom were devastated. I left and did something less streessful.

    • Dwight K. Schrute says:

      @The Italian Ways Absolutely, I am updating my CV and sending it to several companies thank you!!!

  7. Merci says:

    When he cried, I cried! The need he has to keep this job so he can help his family. The fact he endures the manager’s treatment breaks my heart

  8. Blaiyan says:

    Hockham. The boss really dropped that on him. I don’t know. There’s something to be said for being a good manager. He could just fire bad employees and be firm. I just don’t like sob stories. People always act like they had to do jobs to support a parent as if you don’t need a job to support yourself. I respect the guy for valuing his job but stop crying over a checkers job. You doing too much. I don’t think he ever seriously wanted to be a chef and wound up here but maybe this could put him on that track.

  9. a girl has no name says:

    I loved the CEOs face when he heard the cook say “it’s more than cooking a beef patty, you’re satisfying a customer.” He was trying so hard to hide his smile but you can tell how much respect he had for that man in the moment

  10. Caleum says:

    As a senior manager myself seeing this frustrates me. I worked hard for years going from entry level to senior management (20 years plus college). I have reprimanded lower management for thinking they had all the power. Everyone who works for me is going to get respect from me even if they are the newest employee. Now I of course am going to expect that reciprocated, but when you create a good environment, you will find a lot of employees willing to go above and beyond for you. But they know at the same time I will go above and beyond for them. If they need a day off I will make it happen to the best of my ability. If they have certain issues they need assistance with, they will get that assistance. I always have high expectations, but they should have high expectations of me.

    When I speak with a new employee, I always sit down and talk with them about responsibilities and such, and I discuss my expectations for them. However, as soon as I finish that, I ask them do they have any expectations for me, and their immediate supervisors. Most often I get just to communicate with them.

    I love my employees, they mean so much to me. Yes, I have had bad ones, and sometimes they make the choice to not care about what they do and leave me no choice but to term, but that is the exception, not the norm. Seeing this manager is exactly why people have bad views of management.

    • eight inches says:

      @Caleum …because anybody in any field of work can see this show is scripted and edited. Even you yourself were “frustrated” by the behavior of the GM. It was believable to you. But then again, based on the comments on this thread there’s an overwhelming amount of people that believe this is a true happening, regardless of the amount of camera crew inside the restaurant.

    • Caleum says:

      @eight inches lol… why would my being in management give me knowledge of the inter-workings of a TV show that I have only ever seen bits and pieces of on YouTube.

    • eight inches says:

      As a senior manager you should know that this episode and show is fake and scripted.

    • Resian Emaculate. says:

      @Caleum, kindly can you please give me a job

  11. Mr.t says:

    I think under cover boss should go in to nursing home in rolla mo and see how there mangers just sit down and let the floors staff fail and just yell at them and the Resident get treat

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