Undercover Lyft featuring David Ortiz

Undercover Lyft featuring David Ortiz

See what happens when Boston’s beloved slugger David Ortiz goes behind the wheel as a Lyft driver to surprise passengers. Things we know: Big Papi is just as good at driving on the road as he is in the ballpark. Also, he looks pretty good in a wig.

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20 Responses

  1. Miguel Sanchez says:


  2. What's Trending says:

    Hahaha my nikka David Ortiz the best Dh of all time

  3. Michael Maclellan says:

    he’s in newton I live there ?

  4. mrk8442 says:

    So they all get dropped off at the same place? Seems real.

  5. ilovebrandnewcarpets says:

    As a Yankees fan, how do you not like Papi?? (oh yeah, he murdered us like
    3 times in the playoffs lol)

    Still a very cool clip! Great idea Lyft!

  6. Sam Fritz says:

    We found the one person who likes Pablo Sandoval? 1:59

  7. weenermeat says:

    Undercover Lyft with Stevie Wonder.

  8. Jeremy Bulger says:

    You have to be pretty dumb not to know that’s not ortiz

  9. Nate Davis says:

    “Are you going to the game tonight? Me too.” ? Another tip of the cap to
    the writing team for this one!

  10. jayhitek says:

    Who sits in the front seat of a cab or Uber?

  11. dopechristian89 says:

    undercover lyft with aaron rodgers

  12. Patrick carter says:

    they shook his hands after the spit .

  13. Harrison Ryan says:

    undercover Lyft w/ snoop?

  14. Sticky Fat Kid says:

    who here from Boston

  15. AllThingsBoston says:

    I Find it hard to believe that couldn’t recognize him. Just his voice gives
    it away.

  16. Suavesito says:

    I’m 82 subs away from 300 who got me??

  17. Fouzi Nagi says:

    Faker than Pornhub saying“ Amanda is 1.5 miles away”

  18. Tripp393 says:

    I live in Boston. This place is weirdly country.

  19. Steven Santangelo says:

    Yo who the hell is David Ortiz HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA

  20. Antonio Rodriguez says:

    After this they went and had mofongo….