Understanding Boko Haram

Understanding Boko Haram

In which John discusses Nigeria, its complicated history, and how that history has shaped the region from which the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram emerged. Also discussed is the history of Boko Haram itself and its recent atrocities.

And here is your standard reminder that educational videos are allowed to be over 4 minutes long.

Some links for further reading:

A basic overview of Boko Haram from the bbc: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-13809501
A timeline of Boko Haram’s attacks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Boko_Haram_insurgency
A detailed introduction to Boko Haram: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boko_Haram
A good overview of how Islam came to sub-saharan Africa: http://www.dhspriory.org/kenny/Sist.htm
More info on the 1967-1970 Nigerian Civil War: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigerian_Civil_War

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20 Responses

  1. SikizuYukia says:

    What a great big bag o dicks.

  2. Mackenzie S. says:

    Could you talk about the Civil War going on in Central African Republic? I
    recently did a project on it for school and was really inspired about
    spreading word of it, since it doesn’t reach mainstream media.

  3. afakefilms says:

    John, I don’t know how you do it… Just raising children is enough, not to
    mention the routine maintainance of a marriage. Then to painstakingly
    research a topic, form a coherent essay, cut out any hints of cultural
    insensitivity, then to actually deliver the speech to millions of people,
    and stay up editing the video and dealing with all the computer problems…
    and try to work on a novel ??? How are you doing this? Are you REAL ???
    Thankyou for everything. I am infinitely wiser because of your exhaustion.

    Let it be known, commenters:
    That beard is not intentional. It is earned.

  4. nidhal boulifa says:

    you only need to know one thing all of this is caused by ignorance 

  5. crystal waters says:

    but how could the UN even go about fixing this? like military has obviously
    not worked, creating more schools would just get to be attacked…maybe
    more infrastructure in general? but what? 

  6. Batik Yh says:

    I love how you approach these topics and explain them. We need more of you
    in this world. 

  7. Samia Begum says:

    bloody hell :(

  8. ThisIsNotMyTime says:

    Thank you John 

  9. Caleb Benson says:

    John, thanks for the enlightening video.

  10. bloodninja2000 says:

    This was a very informative video John, however, the large amount of green
    and beard was rather distracting.

  11. oldwornoutjeans says:

    This is so incredibly useful information. I had no concept of the scale of
    Boko Haram. Thank you so much for making this

  12. NinjaNerd007 says:

    I understand the importance of information and I love that you did a video
    on this topic, but I wish you would have used more than the last few
    seconds of the video to mention to two people who sacrificed themselves to
    save hundreds of people. At least include their names. Heroes like that
    deserve more than a few seconds.

  13. Jess Rushworth says:

    It is sad that it has taken literal thousands of deaths to bring this into
    the public eye. The media (and we ourselves) are afraid to see this sort of
    news because to acknowledge it’s existence is to acknowledge that something
    can and must be done. The idea of having to help beyond donating a few
    pounds and sharing a petition has for decades been too much because of the
    threat to our own happiness and stability. What we the informed MUST do is
    bring this into the public eye. Share it with your friends and family!
    Research, find out for yourself the important events and details! Educate
    those around you! By being educated and outspoken, we can bring this to the
    attention of those who can act upon our behalves – the governments and
    leaders around us who have ignored this for too long.

  14. frollard says:

    This isn’t what I heard on FOX news…must be making it up.
    ^^ Total satire/I don’t listen to what FOX says.
    Thank you for sharing John. It makes me happy that I live somewhere orders
    of magnitude safer, yet angered that there isn’t much I can do from here
    without ‘supporting our troops’ to go murdercate everyone in a foreign
    country again.

  15. Myka Dassano says:

    “Too extreme for alkaida (sp?)” is a SCARY sentence.

  16. Paul Tee says:

    I know this is a serious issue and I think John did a great job explaining
    the situation but all I keep thinking is how glorious John’s beard is

  17. katiesdarkmatter says:

    I need to do more research on this, but the last thing Nigeria needs is
    troops from the U.S.. Our govt couldn’t care less about the Nigerian
    people; there is clearly an economic motive to disintegrate the Nigerian
    govt and instill yet another tyrannical puppet govt… hasnt the US done
    enough screwing over Muslim nations?

  18. Anna Sabatino says:

    Pause…. wait a minute what do your mean Somalia doesn’t have a
    government? I have to look that up …. (not that I don’t believe you, I
    just need to know more about yhis..)

  19. Eve Miller says:

    Thanks John this really helped me understand the situation a lot better
    than most media outlets are explaining it!
    Also just a side note that religion is not inherently bad just people’s
    interpretations of it. Just because someone says they’re Catholic doesn’t
    mean they hate LGBTQ people and just because someone says their Muslim
    doesn’t mean they think women are inferior to men. Stop pigeonholing people
    based on which God, if any, they believe in 

  20. spidermanandsnape says:

    I love these educational videos. They inspire me to know more, do my own
    research, and learn as much as I possibly can about the world.