Underwater OnePlus 7 Pro Review

Underwater OnePlus 7 Pro Review

My review and water test of the OnePlus 7 Pro. This is the fastest android phone on the market – has no notch, no hole but is somehow VERY water resistant.
OP7 Pro – https://amzn.to/2WIlJ1J

The pop-up camera on the OnePlus 7 allows this camera to have a completely clean front with no protrusions or visual obstructions. The curved edges look awesome but it’s a change to the oneplus design that can hinder usability.

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63 Responses

  1. Dave Lee says:

    The distortion and shimmering water in the jug made the phone look like it was turning off constantly. I was so distracted. Thanks for watching!
    Is the OnePlus 7 what you hoped for? Is it too expensive for what it is?

    • Gino Punsalan says:

      I hope this one is same size as 6T. 7 Pro is bit too big.

    • Vaishnav Kanhirathingal says:

      Apple – now you can use your iPhone under water..
      Pubg gamers – let’s play Pubg underwater…

    • biocybernaut says:

      +Gino Punsalan NO shit it hasn’t launched!

    • biocybernaut says:

      +Gino Punsalan A 5.8″ edge to edge screen would be a good size.

    • Binoy Mathew says:

      +arya sen I am a OnePlus 6 user… And although I haven’t used the S10, I have used the earlier flagship. I have never felt the urge to jump to Samsung. And I do agree. Samsung has been in the game longer. It’s basically the Champion versus the Underdog scene. And this underdog is really punching above it’s weight class. I am as informed and enthusiastic about tech as they come. Plus, let’s not forget regular and fast updates/patches with a large community support. ? Cheers!

  2. TheWhiz says:

    I watched 5 other OnePlus 7 reviews. Yours was most unique. Subscribed!

  3. Ivan K. says:

    In Germany base Galaxy S10+ (128 GB / 8 GB RAM) costs 999 Euro. OnePlus 7 Pro (256 GB / 8 GB RAM) is 759 Euro. Thats 240 Euro cheaper and 128 GB more storage.

    • Shyam Gajra says:

      N3FARIOUS first of there is no use of wire less charger for me bcz i can charge my phone for 15-20 min and can use whole day rather than buy new wireless charger and charge for 40-50 min and one plus offer much more than Samsung s10

    • Rashed Mahmud Olive says:

      Go and Buy a Hard drive. It will have 2tb storage within a price of 100euro.

    • Shyam Gajra says:

      Rashed Mahmud Olive but there you don’t get display camera processor entertainment stupid kido

    • Albus says:

      +S.S Toor from where?

    • N3FARIOUS says:

      +Shyam Gajra mine always seem to break and there very expensive to replace

  4. IDREES AWAIS says:

    Counting how many times Dave looked at the phone while talking….


    • John Nguyen says:

      IDREES AWAIS Would u be doing any different with 700$ phone out of your own pocket?

    • Wonder Lamb says:

      +John Nguyen and that $700 phone is the best in the world

    • evgeni dimitrov says:

      John Nguyen i am 100% sure that they get the phones for free otherwise he wont be able to own one 1 hours before it is even available to be purchased from their site.

  5. adam prestidge says:

    Hey Dave, could you do follow up within a month to see if the phone is still working? I know sometimes it takes a bit before the damage is evident

    • Vishnu Ashok says:

      +Aneka Taiwan I thought the Samsung top tier series were all waterproof?

    • owo says:

      A proper water resistance test would be more appropriate

    • Minti says:

      Aneka Taiwan this phone actually isnt water proof nor is it water resistant or any water blocking you may think ok and oneplus just skipped out on the testing for the water resistance rating, what you dont know is if water breaks any part of your one plus 7 oneplus is not liable….. no warranty….. nothing thats the fucked up part

    • owo says:

      +Minti there’s no warranty in water damage in any other phone with IP rating as far as I know (at least for the main famous companies like Apple Samsung etc)
      But IP does give you a ‘relief’ instead of a said ‘water resistant’ phone

    • Priyanshu Sharma says:

      +Minti Let me tell you, Phones with IP Rating is not covered in warranty.. And it is water resistant and somewhat similar to IP Rating and who said you, it doesn’t has water resistant and there is no phone which is waterproof… I’ve OnePlus 6 and it’s a Splash Resistant and I’ve used it in Rain, Washed with tap water, dropped in water many times and still works perfectly… So, if Splash Resistant can survive all that than what this Water Resistant can survive… This is even more water resistant than 6/6T…

  6. Figaro says:

    That big screen without notch or whatsoever coming in 90hz is amazing
    I hope Note 10 would be released that way, only with 3.5mm jack though

  7. U K says:

    Everyone’s impressed with the phone surviving underwater, but what really impressed me is that Dave did this review in a single take. ?

    • Jhay052347968 says:

      Idc if its uncut or has small cuts for a single take. I’m just flat out impressed on this kind of review without much problems.

    • Trip says:

      The phone is not deep enough in the water to experience the water pressure IP67 rating is if the phone survived half an hour under water at 0.5 meters

    • Teaj says:

      +Trip I bet you like to drop your phone in the toilet

    • Trip says:

      +Teaj it would survive a toilet drop but i don’t know if it would survive a drop in a pool

    • Androstar says:

      +Trip but would it still be alive if the toilet got your boogers in it?

  8. cem sicles says:

    This is the baller I remember, spinning 2 grand laptops on his middle finger like a Globetrotter… Insert Denzel meme up in the MF– my man.

  9. Autronic says:

    Who the hell cares about the phone…
    *GET OVER HERE!!!*

    • Mig 28 says:

      These people are doing amazing things! They have been doing amazing things for less money than other companies! They’re not playing catchup like a certain rotten fruit.
      That’s why a lot of us are cheering them on! ?

      PS: hadouken!

  10. Krishna Kotiyal says:

    One plus:gives 12gb ram

    Reviewer: plays crab game

  11. Shashank Shekhar says:

    How many gigs of ram you want

    Oneplus:- yes

  12. Mohan Sethuraman says:

    Pixel 3a is priced 100 dollars more than the regular one plus 7 base variant in india.

  13. Andrew Furst says:

    WHY IS NO ONE APPRECIATING THAT THIS IS DONE IN ONE TAKE!!! He didn’t know the phone was going to survive, so he only had one opportunity to get it right, and he nailed it.

  14. Kyros says:

    Watch Dave do this review like his need to pee is getting higher and higher.

  15. Yoshiki Nanami says:

    Me an Apple Fan: I know I’m gonna have to leave Apple behind because their pricing is getting outta hand but what phone should I switch to?
    Samsung: Edge to Edge display and One UI
    Me: That’s really tempting I heard One UI is great
    Oneplus: Edge to Edge and we have a 90hz disp-
    Me: Wait 90hz boy get outta my way Apple sayonara!

  16. ClickNSpam says:

    Please test the camera motor with whack-a-mole technique.

  17. Victor Hugo says:

    The simplicity makes this video the best review of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Thanks, man!

  18. boxertest says:

    Dave2D was under pressure!
    Pressure pushing down on me
    Pressing down on you no man ask for
    Under pressure that brings a building down …HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. Ted Tyler says:

    Hey OnePlus. Could you please send 2 phones to Dave?
    it’s very hard to make a good review with only one phone

  20. jetski Dex says:

    Not IP rated means to keep the price lower they didn’t pay Money for the IP rating. iP Rating is basically branding at this point.

    • keshav sakthi says:

      I would have accepted this but it basically adds like $30 and I’m not that confident about the “daily water resistance” because of the new pop up selfie mechanism. Ports are one thing, a motorised popup tho……

    • Minti says:

      Yea but no warranty on water if your oneplus bricks from one little drop of water oneplus will not give u a new phone or anything

    • keshav sakthi says:

      +Minti Even with an ip rating you don’t get warranty for water or dust related damage

    • E-Ma says:

      I mean with a pop up camera and such, I really think it would be worth the extra $30 for a peace of mind.

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