UNDISPUTED 👑 | Claressa Shields vs. Maricela Cornejo Highlights

UNDISPUTED 👑 | Claressa Shields vs. Maricela Cornejo Highlights

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36 Responses

  1. Kelly Kenney says:

    Claressa fought the whole fight like it was the 1st round and never gassed out. Maricela finishing that fight was a victory in itself. All around, Impressive.

  2. Dr. Beau Hightower says:

    That was a fun fight congratulations champ 🎉

  3. shughl1 says:

    Although they were friends, they got out there and fought like complete enemies! Cornejo’s best was the right hand, but once Claressa took that away by pivoting and keeping the glove up, she was able to push Cornejo back and also use the power to make her respect it and keep on the outside. Also, the adjustment made Cornejo actually start to crouch over her front fight, making her nullify her own height and reach advantage. This reminded me somewhat of the Christina Hammer fight it’s just Cornejo had more and wasn’t so much up and down as Hammer.

    • Allaboutboxing says:

      Yeah what a great friend saying Mexicans cant beat me and laughing about it lol would you say the same if she was white saying black boxers can’t beat me

    • Idaya Waters Mendes says:

      Watch the video where Clarissa schools her on just that post fight. Great job Clarissa!

    • Reggie Shavers says:

      @Allaboutboxing she was holding back punches.. they or friends trust me.

  4. NoTyme4BS says:

    The difference in skill level is one thing, but the difference in SPEED is what was really glaring!😮

  5. Egypt Woods says:

    She’s talented but she’s no where near Clarissa’s level. She picked her apart for almost all 10 rounds and showed little care for the resistance of her opponent. Great fight

  6. T J says:

    Walked her down the entire fight…👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾🙌🏾 Great Job Shields! 💯👏🏾🌹

  7. Jeremiah Anderson says:

    Shields lateral movement and foot speed is insane

  8. Hustle hard717 says:

    Been watching her since 16 in the Olympics.. the best female to do it 💯💪🏾

  9. TLR1988 says:

    Much respect to Maricela for her will to keep fighting with the super determined Shields. The 1st punch of the fight said everything. The jab came right at her face and he didn’t even blink, let alone flinch. She didn’t disrespect her power, she just didn’t care.

  10. Desmond A says:

    Shields was a bit wild with the right hand, she landed but missed the mark more than she connected. I saw better performances from her.

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