UNDISPUTED – [BREAKING NEWS] Chiefs are trading Tyreek Hill | Skip and Shannon react

UNDISPUTED – [BREAKING NEWS] Chiefs are trading Tyreek Hill | Skip and Shannon react

UNDISPUTED – [BREAKING NEWS] Chiefs are trading Tyreek Hill | Skip and Shannon react

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55 Responses

  1. XXstract says:

    Shannon: “I’m not surprised”
    Also Shannon: “This is a shocker”

  2. Fay Johnson says:

    This will change the dynamic of that offense in a big way

  3. Keone D says:

    This NFL off-season has been amazing.

  4. Harry Cox says:

    The Raiders acquiring Adams for that record breaking deal benefited them in 2 ways: (1) They got Davante freaking Adams! (2) Their deal most likely inspired Hill to want a similar deal and pretty much forced him out of KC as they couldn’t afford to pay him what he wanted.

  5. ShamanK1977 says:

    When Tyreek learned to run a route, he became unstoppable in single coverage. He puts so much pressure on a defense every play.

  6. MeChan says:

    he already has a ring now he wants the check, cant blame him he deserves it

  7. Homie Fry says:

    What we’re seeing, now more than ever, is the Elite QBs taking all the money. So much so, that the teams can’t maintain a competent roster. QBs are the most important part of the team, but they ALONE are not more important than the team. Smart teams will see the trend and avoid this shackling mistake.

    • Fektthis says:

      @Feynman Schwinger E_MC2 I said he needs a pro. I love my mom too and would prefer to pay her but realistically, you need a guy for that. It’s just to much for your mom to handle unless she’s a lawyer

    • Will I Am says:

      @Arnabi Arnab people forget that he also has a breadwinner wife that made 200mil/yr at one point so it’s not like he needs the money like the other QBs.

    • Scott Rowland Rowland says:

      @Feynman Schwinger E_MC2I’ll stop when Brady wins a championship without a top ranked defense.

    • Feynman Schwinger E_MC2 says:

      @Jason Janisewski Maybe. I think the salary cap is great for parity (otherwise you’ll get bigger market teams with bigger TV markets, and more advantages, outspending smaller market teams like you have on basebal). I think, on balance, it’s good for all the leagues to have a salary cap but I’m not totally convinced. As long as you have revenue sharing within the leagues, teams like GB can be competitive. But since the salary cap was implemented the NFL has had more parity, outside of Brady, than ever. Can’t be a coincidence.

      I also think that it does have the effect of suppressing player salaries. Not that they don’t make enough. I just find it hilarious that BILLIONAIRE owners love a salary cap but hate a minimum wage (effectively the same thing in a very roundabout way) in their non-sports industries.

      P.S. Wasn’t Green Bay wildly successful in the pre-Salary cap era? They had Favre. I thought their games were always sold out even in the 90s.

    • Feynman Schwinger E_MC2 says:

      @Jesse Starke Fair point. And Andy Reid is an offensive genius. Tyreek is special tho. They were so fun together. Now he’s throwing to Tua? I dunno man. Tua and Mac Jones have the weakest arms in the NFL (Tua is 2-0 vs Mac btw, both former Bama QBs).

      Would’ve loved to see Tyreek on Tampa but that’s probably not fair 😂

  8. Purplestuffs says:

    Dude can seriously score any time he touches the ball, he deserves to get paid. he is unreal

    • Gary Wilson says:

      @Greg Creek Good point

    • Stefan Payne says:

      @Dustin Chance ur wrong he was the highest paid up until Aaron Rodgers contract about a week ago and then Watsons “guaranteed” money contract the other day. 45 milly a year was Mahomes yearly salary

    • henry 00 says:

      @Francisco Guzman yea but what we were talking about is taking less money, the year after the bucs won most of the players took pay cuts to run it back.

    • Francisco Guzman says:

      @henry 00 the bucs is different though they had a good team in place. When Brady played with the Patriots they had a system in place. They never spended big money. The cap was different like i said.

    • henry 00 says:

      @Francisco Guzman u are right but even in with the bucs he took less, the true way for a team to stay together is if everyone sacrifice

  9. Lethabo Manaka says:

    They did this to themselves when they thought it was a good idea to give the QB half a billion 😂😂😂These people make Tom Brady look smarter and smarter every season 😂

    • John Smith says:

      @Will I Am yeah but Brady was taking pay cuts for years before he met geisel. After winning THREE RINGS 🤣

    • Will I Am says:

      Brady looking smart? Why not also mention that he has a breadwinner wife who made 200 million/yr at one point. He’s just more privileged not like most NFL players.

    • John Smith says:

      @nunya2587 he has gotten worse every year in the league lmao

    • nunya2587 says:

      Mahomes is on pace to be the greatest qb of all time. What were you expecting they pay him?

    • Caro Kann says:

      @bantditt depends how you look at it, longterm they’re better off, the short term not so much

  10. Game Time says:

    The skill sets of Mahomes and Tyreek were perfect for each other. While Mahomes is a great talent, Tyreeks deep threat ability on virtually every play allowed Mahomes to shine. The Chiefs are coming down the pecking order if Tyreek is traded, especially with how the other AFC teams are loading up.

    • Joel Johnson says:

      @Aaron So Brady keep at 45 for Bucs. Poor Travis Chiefs gotta get rid of him now he 32 lol

    • the OCTAHEDRON says:

      The chiefs should have been building the position instead of the player, like the Pats did. Remember they were rotating players into position, i.e faulk to welker to Edelman to amendola!!

    • anthony lovett says:

      All true but I seem to recall SEVERAL dropped balls that DIRECTLY led to turnovers that not only literally cost them games but you can legitimately make a case that they (the turnovers) helped cost them a superrbowl because of playoff seeding and the mental aspect of the losses. Also, Hardeman is almost as fast as Tyreke so they still have weapons and I think they really want to put more focus on incorporating Josh Gordon into the offense

    • Eric Guerra says:

      The Chiefs didn’t have any money and had reached their ceiling as a team. They’ll still be able to content for a wildcard spot at least this season and next season. These picks give them a chance to develop a new round of game changers so that when Carr and Wilson begin to decline a bit it will allow the Chiefs to vault themselves to the top again. This is just the start of the long game.

    • Aaron says:

      And Kelce is getting older too. If Chiefs can’t reload they’ll be in trouble.

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