Unforgivable Food Opinions (ft. @TrashTaste )

Unforgivable Food Opinions (ft. @TrashTaste )

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Trash Taste: @TrashTaste
Daidus: @Daidus
Thumbnail Art: Rirumato https://rirumato.carrd.co/

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40 Responses

  1. Emirichu says:

    So I gave myself less than two weeks to complete this video from start to finish (which is why there was no time to color ;w;) and wow I am never attempting that tight of a timeframe ever again because it is way too strenuous BUT it was fun to try and challenge myself and I’m proud of how much faster I’ve gotten! 2 UPLOADS IN ONE MONTH LETS GOOOOOOOO! Next video will be fully colored, I promise!! (This one just had too many drawings/people T_T)
    What’s your most controversial food opinion and do you agree with any of the ones we mentioned?

  2. Gigguk says:

    I will never forgive you for that Ramen take.

    • ༺įɾìժҽʂçҽղէ༻ says:

      Lmao 😂

    • Local random krab says:

      she’s right tho

    • Fellow Stand User says:


    • CureHappy says:

      LMAO shes gonna get kicked out of the country for this one.These aren’t hot takes they’re lava takes

    • The Victory Over Himself says:

      I can articulate the udon opinion she cant: The best part of the ramen isnt the broth, its the noodles. Udon is like if a dumpling fucked a noodle and had a mozart baby that was the perfect consistency.

      Ramen is like having a tiny hamburger patty in a bowl of ketchup and mustard soup.

      But i rate soba over both of them. Some soba in oil and salt or soy sauce alone? Chefs kiss. Simple flavors are the best.

  3. edd_ico says:

    Trying to defend Emily is like trying to find any form of nutrition from cardboard.

  4. Kaito Darkness says:

    I feel like Emily is always on the opposition side, like Connor, Joey, Grant and Daidus all switch from left to right based on the take but Emily eternally stays on the left side of the screen

  5. Yeajin Hyun says:

    I knew the MOMENT emily chose instant ramen over real ramen that her Korean genes were kickin in lmao

  6. Abdul Moiz Asrar Ahmed says:

    I love the monkey sound censorship every time connor swears. The details in each frame are excellent

    • waddle dee parasol says:

      also, hes the only one that has his own censor sound – the rest have the usual “fyuh!!”

  7. MajoredinEnglish says:

    The Battle of Udon was my favorite part of the video. Daidus as the reluctant knight defending Emily’s noodle tier list with the Trash Taste Boys as the knights of Ramen was hilarious and perfectly drawn! 💚😂

  8. The Anime Man says:

    I can feel the veins on my forehead thickening from the second wave rage.

    • Hu says:

      Joey having war flashback

    • Ночная рутина says:

      Completely relatable

    • Leon Shirogane says:

      calm down my guy i know is really upsetting but… you just have to calm down at least try to

    • Aman Mondal says:

      I guess every Asian person doesn’t share Asian taste buds either way even being an Indian I will happily eat those dishes also I seriously don’t get it what’s wrong with Ginger I get that Coconuts can feel weird in some dishes but Ginger why? Those fried Coconuts are really one of the best snacks

  9. honilock says:

    I love how Daidus is the kid with out-of-nowhere takes that are so supremely bizarre the boys have to check everything with him just to be sure.
    And then they’re blown away every time XD

  10. newbie says:

    Strawberry icecream vs Chocolate icecream is just an old Trash Taste argument which Emily and Daidus dug up 😂

    • RAI FIKAR J says:

      Not gonna lie I like the artificial strawberry flavour and in my family all of them either Vanilla or Chocolate.

    • Pope Duwang says:

      Vanilla Boy, but I do also like taking the three flavors and blending them up together for a whipped triple flavor.

    • VB23 says:

      I never understood the hate for Starwberry..

      It has been my favourite from the Big 3 for 15 years now..

    • RAI FIKAR J says:

      @VB23 yeah me neither, I cannot prefer vanilla and chocolate because the taste feels fatty. Most of my food already fatty enough. But when I tasting artificial strawberry it feels fresh and sour and to have that as after taste and dessert is so refreshingrefreshing for me.

    • newbie says:

      @VB23 I think I know the answer. A strawberry flavoured item tastes really different to actual strawberry. The strawberry flavour itself is decent and I can see someone enjoying it but it still gives the feel that it’s artificial because strawberries don’t taste like that.

      And this makes it feel like artificial and plastic

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