Ungrateful Owner Not Happy with $150k Hotel Makeover | Hotel Hell

Ungrateful Owner Not Happy with $150k Hotel Makeover | Hotel Hell

Chef Ramsay gives the hotel an incredible makeover, but the owner wants her plastic grapes back.

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19 Responses

  1. TheActualCanadian says:

    Wtf is everyone talking about? It looks way better! The old look was wayyyy too generic… man, people know shit all about hotels lmao

  2. Shelby Chanel says:

    If this lady wants to run a successfull business that means she’ll have work to do. Wow -.-

  3. 4Pac says:

    When the hell did anyone think “Oh, this is so much more work”


  4. GamingWizie says:


  5. srijit ghosh says:

    Gordon:Is that hotel fresh?
    Chef:No its frozen
    Gordon:Fuck me.

  6. Charles M Rinehart says:

    This owner is a real piece of work. She should be working as a Walmart cashier.

  7. flooblet says:

    dumb rich white cunts with divorce money are the scummiest pieces of filth on the face of the earth

  8. walkinwithjesus says:

    I wanted to see all that shit put back and have Gordon take his stuff and leave.

  9. addison santos says:

    This video legitimately pissed me off

  10. Shayan Givehchian says:

    it’s 1 AM and looks like I’ve just started my Gordon Ramsay marathon. best of luck fellow fucking donkeys and donuts.

  11. The onion that Namjoon couldn't cut says:

    *the lady* oh my god! Ramsay is making me woorrrk at my oowwn hotel! Who does he think he is?????

  12. Meeki says:

    ‘Oh no, now I have to work.’

  13. jjbussey says:

    “Woah Woah Woah, wait, are you telling me I have to actually WORK at a hotel I own??”

  14. Matt Rowling says:

    nino wouldn’t be ungrateful

  15. Pjay says:

    The bitchy way Gordon kept his smile and told her he could get all this shit outta there and go back with the old crap was just PERFECT. Don’t change chief Ramsay, you’re perfect 🙂

  16. eugene188 says:

    so did he pack that shit back up and leave with it or what?

  17. Dee Nyc says:

    That moment when you realize all you ever wanted to do was own a hamburger place, and you accidentally purchased a hotel… ??

  18. m daudi says:

    she’s afraid that she’ll have to raise prices? What the hell is wrong with raising your prices?

  19. NytmareChaos says:

    This episode originally aired in 2014. This hotel is already closed.

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