UNHhhh ep 185 – Men

UNHhhh ep 185 – Men

Can I get an amen? Speaking of men, Trixie and Katya have more to discuss since the masculinity episode aired. This week they describe their ideal man and the features they find hottest. The lesbians are going to be pissed.

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48 Responses

  1. Adel A says:

    Finally a new “Oh honey” outburst. I am so satisfied.

  2. Kelly Nam says:

    Trixie serving us that grandma Elsa fantasy

  3. JD says:

    i’m equally excited about and terrified of this topic

  4. Mariam Ahmed Badr says:

    This is unprecedented, they stayed on topic the entire time

  5. Loke says:


    lookit Katie there, able to afford an education. she’s come a long way since art school, good for her.

  6. jhube says:

    we love a show that isn’t afraid to reference themselves serveral times!!!

  7. Wyatt Benett says:

    Katya is the manager of an ‘80s real estate brokerage and she just sold Trixie an 19th century barn.

  8. SPDandME says:

    “the lesbians will be pissed” I think trixie underestimates the hold they have on us 😂😍

  9. erin s says:

    As a flaming lesbian, I can’t wait to hear the dolls’ opinions on this.

  10. Eric Hall says:

    Finally, the Adore joke callback we’ve been waiting years for. I can finally die.

    • dangerbirb says:

      Did you know that Billy Corrigan had a blog? And like 10 years or so ago, he passive aggressively made this joke on it:

      “When is an album not an album?
      When it’s Adore.”

      Poor Billy, still salty about sales and reviews.

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