UNHhhh ep 197 – Humiliation

UNHhhh ep 197 – Humiliation

What makes you sweat, burn up and turn red? Humiliation, honey! Get into it! This week Trixie and Katya get honest about their foray into public humiliation. Because if you can’t humiliate yourself, how in the heck are you going to humiliate someone else.

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46 Responses

  1. Alyson Martin says:

    I feel like the crew is getting more and more vocal during each episode and I love it every time.

    • Paddy 2890 says:

      I feel like there are plenty of celebrities/web show hosts that would be annoyed and not want the crew to comment. While on this show they are basically part of the conversation sometimes. It makes me like the show a lot more.

    • A D says:

      Absolutely here for the peanut gallery popping in now and then. Like still primarily the ladies in front of the camera but hearing feena or pete now and then with a gem is so fun

    • Michelle Erba says:

      @Andrew Childs you are too kind. What a mature response to something so asinine, seriously kudos. ❤

    • Mpumelelo Khumalo says:

      They’re standing up for themselves because they realise that these girls never stay on topic, thus messing up the entire crew’s resumés. Honestly, I stan.

    • BreeB86 says:

      @Alyson Martin queer Indigenous woman here. You jumped on that guy, looking for a fight. It was nonsensical. He wasn’t coming for you. *You* were for looking for something to feel attacked by. I don’t know what to tell you if If you are perpetual victim and are looking for people to walk on egg shells around you. The fact that you don’t feel ‘safe’ in this space is quite telling. 👋🏽

  2. Adam Cantrell says:

    These two make every day a better day

  3. Matthew S says:

    Love when Trixie starts a sentence with
    *”I gotta tell ya…”*

  4. Tess Aurea says:

    I love that every time they say something embarrassing about someone, that person’s name gets changed to Bianca Del Rio

  5. spiderdude2099 says:

    Trixie doing cemetery Olympics was WILD

  6. Nathan Doyle says:

    Seeing these biological women on Sunday. Terribly excited.

  7. Alexa Bessee says:

    Trixie’s laugh when Katya brought up S7 Glamazonian Airways was incredibly contagious
    How are we already so close to 200 eps?

  8. kls0110 says:

    I’m screaming that Trixie was recognized WALKING through the Taco Bell drive thru !!!!!!! HELP

  9. Dory Lorenz says:

    The “oh my god you’re blushing!!!” re middle school just brought back so many repressed memories 😅

    • jonnnnniej says:

      When I was 7 I put my hoodie over my head in a circle talk and pulled the cords so tight I only had a small whole to look through. Ofcourse I put a knot in it that I couldn’t untie because I couldn’t see shit :’) I still sometimes think about that

    • Soundwave says:

      @Henrietta Lore yeah and it was always like “you’re blushing!!” like yeah you’re humiliating me!! 😭😭😂

    • sammi says:

      Fr, i don’t even know if I was actually blushing and I was just being gaslit

    • Henrietta Lore says:

      Like why was that such a crime 😂😂😂 oh the days

  10. higgaroc says:

    “Humiliation is arousal’s cousin “
    I feel like I understand life better after this. Also thank you for the fart breakdown.

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