Uninformed Correspondent: Bootsie Visits An Expert For Straight Talk About Coronavirus

Uninformed Correspondent: Bootsie Visits An Expert For Straight Talk About Coronavirus

Several days ago when it was still deemed medically responsible to transport a Bootsie, The Late Show’s beloved correspondent Bootsie Plunkett visited physician and Yale Public Health lecturer Dr. James Hamblin to learn more about the threat posed by the coronavirus. #Colbert #Coronavirus #BootsiePlunkett

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80 Responses

  1. Ferne O'Neil says:

    At least he’s being honest better than our leaders

    • Six Hawthorne says:


    • Reydriel says:

      Well, except for his clear roundabout answer regarding Donald Trump XD No respectable medical doctor is gonna think he handled this shit well lmao. But that’s besides the point so they won’t say anything like that, and rightfully so

    • DA666 says:

      @Reydriel He probably has a father-in-law who voted for Trump. 😉

    • Eric Page says:

      This president picks fights with entire nations and Chrissy Teigen.
      You can’t blame him for wanting to stay off that guy’s radar.

  2. Hoang Hiep Ngo says:

    Last time I was this early, the Colbeard was still a thing, glad it’s making a comeback now

  3. Amanda N.W. says:

    I can’t talk.
    Why can’t you talk?
    Well, can I talk?
    No, we’re doing a segment.

  4. Ganiscol says:

    Remember: Your face is attached to you head and your head sits on top of your neck.

  5. Kim E says:

    Would al y’all just let the lady have her sugar free cookies? These are hard times, man. 😂

    • T Electronix says:

      Honestly if my parent had diabetes there would be ZERO sugary crap “food” in that cupboard.

    • Joseph Petrino says:

      They have a lot of carbs. About the same as real cookies. (I’m a diabetic)

    • Mickey Mouse is my Spirit Animal says:

      T Electronix, I concur. But as adults, we do chose our own destiny! My father died in 2013 due to complications from diabetes and my mom is a nurse and told him numerous times to layoff the sweets! He did not heed her or his doctor’s warnings. He died happy, though!😇😢👨‍⚕️🧑‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

    • carschmn says:

      No kidding. What’s more likely to kill her in the near future? Not the cookies!

    • Random Name says:

      She can have a cookie every now and then just not 9! It’s bad for her diabetes, does she want to lose a foot? Also she needs to lose weight by eating less calories than she consumes each day.

  6. Grace SmithNotJones says:

    Everyone is commenting on how the doctor is hot. All I can see is that he is young. I was searching for the Doogie Howser comments and found none. I’ve learned today that I am old.

  7. derry667dingo says:

    My favorite part is the doctor struggling to be diplomatic when she asks him if Trump has done a good job and he eventually goes with “well, the President has delegated the work to some very competent people.” 😆

  8. PhoebeFay RuthLouise says:


    —Bootsie, March 2020

  9. Cypressina says:

    This doctor may have a career in diplomacy if the coronavirus thing burns him out.

  10. Yowzoe says:

    For me she’s one of those rare people that it doesn’t matter what she does she’s fucking hilarious

    • Tina Tika says:

      She’s trying to act like Jimmy Kimmel ‘s Aunt who is funny.

    • Jerome Pizinger says:

      When did being stupid become funny

    • Player_1 says:


    • Tj Anderson says:

      I just found her annoying, for me it would suck to have to be around her, luckily I could skip to the end of the video, to each his own.

    • NAM says:

      Actually…there are a multitude of Syndromes/illnesses..etc. When I first entered the medical profession 40+ years ago there was a book of known syndromes that was about 2″ thick….Now….a complete text of known syndromes would probably be over 2 ft.+ thick!! Hence the increased areas of medical specialization!

  11. AmplifiedSilence says:


  12. Gm Karliah says:

    Dr looks like a young Edward Norton.

  13. 7Comic7mischief7 says:

    “You heard of sjögrens?”
    Yale educated Doctor: “…yeah.”

    • 7Comic7mischief7 says:

      @ErykaSoleil jeeze, that’s unfortunate, but I appreciate your perspective! It seems that way with autoimmune diseases in particular, and with older MDs in particular.

    • 7Comic7mischief7 says:

      @Tahtahme Xero very true! Good communication is key

    • Gary Cooper says:

      Yeah, doctors have probably heard of a rather common medical problem.

    • none none says:

      @ErykaSoleil if you can afford, gould clinics in australia – they do skype. 80 dollars per sessions and prescribe cheap supplements., can help you with your autoimmune conditions. I just healed one myself and i have one left to go.

    • Manda S says:

      7Comic7mischief7 I just love that she mentioned it. Now millions might google what Sjögrens is and I won’t have to kept explaining it all the time.

  14. Edric Aldones says:

    “I’ve got lots of Chef Boyardee…I hate it”
    Sounds like a diet in the making to me.

    • mrwascally t says:

      that and the cookies sounds like a recipe for diabetes and i’m sure it does no good for her other issues . she might want to talk to the dr. about a better way .

  15. Eve Lee says:

    I can literally feel the doctor’s training kicked in when he had to answer that question. Like he had to resist his first three answers until he found something that won’t get him in trouble lmao I feel that

  16. Damian Bowyer says:

    Tee Hee. This is HILARIOUS Stephen. Uninformed Correspondent and Bootsie is AWESOME!!

  17. Rhaine says:

    “Do you like chef boyardee?” “I hate it” 😂😂😂

    I was at the grocery store yesterday buying shit I never really eat

  18. t l says:

    “I learned it’s gonna wipe a lot of people out, including myself,”
    “ok, that’s a little dark”

    • Enviro Mental says:

      She just said what a lot of older Americans and people with autoimmune diseases are thinking (and their worried families). Please people, wash & sanitize & don’t touch face & social distance like someones life depends upon it, because it does!

    • sarablueshoes says:

      Love that her son immediately put a stop to that. No kid, no matter how old, wants to think that their mommy is going to die.

    • Patty Donohue says:

      I laughed so hard.

  19. Martin Janka says:

    “Do you think the president has done a good job with this coronavirus?”
    “I think he has deligated a lot of work to people who know what they´re doing, and who hopefully can be listened to and can feel like they can speak the truth about what´s actually going on and what needs to be done.”
    It´s so ironic how he´s dancing around it while hoping that other people will be direct. If not even he feels like he can speak up, how should people who actually work under Trump feel?

    • slactweak says:

      Just spitballin’ here but I believe that they feel that they should do what they can to diplomatically put out the facts, while at the same time ensuring that they can keep their jobs so that they can actually HELP work us out of the abject MESS that this administration has made of all this. That’s what I would do, at least.

  20. Jean Vignes says:

    “Panne-demic” “PANDEMIC” “Can’t we just laugh at that?” She has keen instincts for comedy.

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