Union Calls Dash ‘crazy’ for BET Comments

Union Calls Dash ‘crazy’ for BET Comments

Gabrielle Union responds to Stacey Dash’s opinion that U.S. television network BET promotes segregation and calls the former ‘Clueless’ star a ‘crazy lady.’ (Jan. 26)

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20 Responses

  1. Ryan R says:

    This chick is basically a younger Stacy Dash. Same features.

  2. 19karl16 says:

    who is this union woman? I thought from the title, that it was like a
    collective of people that came together to voice their opinion on Dash lol

  3. Zenn Exile says:

    Stacey Dash was right though. Black people are so focused on “getting their
    own” that they excuse their own exclusionary and racist cultural views as,

    If they just stop trying to segregate themselves segregation would
    eventually die out entirely and with it, racism. Racism is the fear of the
    unknown. Exclusionary behavior just exacerbates the issue. Black people are
    trying to be free by enslaving their brothers and sisters instead of trying
    to overcome the economic poverty that has truly enslaved them.

    I ain’t tryin to knock no one’s hustle, but if you want power, someone else
    has to give that power up. If you hustlin, know who you hustlin. You
    probably hustlin your neighbors instead of the wealthy elite who own you.
    And that hurts everyone.

  4. Keonilicious Hawaiian says:

    I smell jealousy!!!! Hahaha all the bickering for nothing all cause Dash is
    (crazy) jealous!!! One Love ✌?️

  5. David Wayne says:

    White men create our own entertainment industries worldwide and black men
    demand whitey to include them in ours because your shithole 3rd world
    countries are not civilized enough to sustain and entertainment industry.
    Black men need to focus on learning how to build and sustain schools,
    hospitals, water supply systems, sewage systems, and electrical grids, THEN
    MAYBE they can try to build an entertainment industry. Black actors have it
    better in EUROPE than they do any black nation on earth. Black people
    should be thankful.

  6. davesefoster says:

    LOL. All these people who are like “Waaaaahhh! Why can’t we have white TV?”
    Because if you actually paid attention, you guys would plainly see that you
    guys dominate almost every other network on both public broadcast, cable
    television, AND the film industry.

    To make it really easy, let me put it like this: When you play Mario Kart,
    you get these amazing weapons, but only when you’re in last place or way
    behind. Know why? Because you don’t need all these special advantages when
    you’re already winning.

    And in case you guys didn’t notice, she said that the BET awards are as
    crucial to culture as the country music awards, which I happen to notice,
    NONE of these angry comments happen to mention.

  7. R Greg says:

    Unlike black history month and BET the CMA’s are based on genre not

  8. gcharity says:

    Wow I love Grabielle Union <3 perfect response to that crazy lady no one
    know anyways. Now back to my red carpet where I'm a working actress.

  9. Me Tee says:

    Does this woman not know that the image awards and the country awards are
    for ALL races???

  10. Me Tee says:

    I agree with Lolita.. Ms smith made this a race issue and trying to get all
    African Americans to side with her. Who’s racist?

  11. stanley derain says:

    I’m a multi ethnic man with black, white, mexican and filipino ancestry.
    Stacey Dash simply made a counter point. We celebrate this culture once a
    year. We have our own network. Some of the most powerful and influential
    people on this planet are African Americans in this free country. Accept
    what she said and move on. I’m shining a light on reverse racism. That’s
    all this is. Today’s black people aren’t entitled to anything. Our
    ancestors paid the highest price for the opportunities we have today.
    That’s all they asked for and that’s what every true American wants.

  12. Daniel Lopez says:

    stacey dash is the typical house negro like ben carson trying suck up to
    white racist conservatives

  13. Jin Xo says:

    Learn how to be articulate miss Union

  14. Brian Dunn says:

    When I grew up segregation was considered crazy. Now integration is
    considered crazy.

  15. AlyssaJeanesse says:

    Ooooh I felt the shade but with that aside what Gabrielle said is just as

  16. Daniel Casares says:

    Typical liberal idiot. Right away she disagreed and now Stacey’s crazy.
    What’s crazy is she don’t know that she can simply disagree with Stacy, and
    that’s ok stop being a sheep

  17. Lauren Martin says:

    “the more we focus on inclusion… the less the crazy lady would have to
    say.” the reason Stacey had something to say IS because people were focused
    on inclusion….

  18. Matthew PolioNine says:

    “A true representation ” yet 12% of the winners have been black with 70%
    white. That is a true representation since 12% of the country is black and
    60% is white

  19. Garrett Guidinger says:

    I respect Stacy Dash

  20. taylor barton says:

    There’s only 13.2% of blacks in America. Yet 37.8% of them make up the
    prison population. You do the math.