United Airlines Passenger Violently Removed From Flight

United Airlines Passenger Violently Removed From Flight

A man was dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight from Chicago O’Hare to Louisville, Ky, on Sunday night after agents couldn’t find volunteers to leave the plane and selected four passengers at random. A passenger captured video of the ordeal. Photo: Tyler Bridges via Storyful

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20 Responses

  1. Thou Art That says:

    Not ‘violently removed’ snowflakes ……he was ‘physically removed’ …ffs

  2. Telebubbies says:

    The reason why he didn’t leave was because he is a doctor and he needed to go and see a patient ASAP. Apparently they ignored him when he was telling them, and then everything escalated from there. After he explained the story, they put him back on the plain.

    He can sue United Airlines.

  3. NohacksbutskillXx mvp says:

    Dumb company overbooking cant they count? Wally’s

  4. Thaer Ghawi says:

    And people still wonder why Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar airways are doing better in the market.

  5. malignor says:

    This is not ad friendly.
    There is violence which is unsuitable to public viewing, and I see people in the video who did not consent to being broadcast to the public eye.
    Please take this down.

  6. Yikai Wang says:

    This is horrible. What UA is thinking about? Never flywith UA ever

  7. Daniel Esen J. Oliviėr says:

    If only he had a pepsi with him..

  8. Zach Garcia o says:

    He was playing Pokemon Go. Looks like he was the one who got caught…

  9. mrzack888 says:

    right wingers and Trump supporters are trash.

  10. G Nelson says:

    He should have complied. You don’t cause trouble like this and make a fool out of yourself. Get off the plane and call a lawyer. They offered a good chunk of money and free lodging. Nothing here, move on folks.

  11. Roy Mustang says:

    Board as a doctor.
    Leave as a patient.

  12. Lar M says:

    This clearly tells me United Airline is in big time trouble.They could not afford simple $2500 USD cash pay out for anyone willing to take the next available flight.If there is no more available flights a straight cash pay out of $500,000 per passenger will make everybody very happy !

  13. 630 Boy says:

    if he was black they would say..”well he should have got off the plane his fault” in the comment section

  14. Giorgios Culofakis says:

    Boycott United!!!! This airline is NAZI.

  15. Mr. Lowery says:

    Like the WSJ cares about the ordeal. They’re rag isn’t worthy of being toilet paper anymore!

  16. Pete Kavar says:

    Man that lady is annoying. .. Oh my god!! I bet she talks during movies too.

  17. CKG says:

    I fucking hate Americans

  18. Carl Grimes's Eyepatch says:

    Just execute the United Airlines thugs, along with the executive that made the rule in the first place.

  19. Lewis Busch-Vogel says:

    That’s why I always carry a Pepsi when I fly united.

  20. Joey August says:

    _We’ll take you to your destination._

    …Even if we have to drag your ass there.

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