University of Idaho killings: What we know about suspect Bryan Kohberger | ABCNL

University of Idaho killings: What we know about suspect Bryan Kohberger | ABCNL

Bryan Kohberger in the murders of four students at the University of Idaho.

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24 Responses

  1. WiseOldLady says:

    Absolutely horrifying pray for the parents and Friends of these four

  2. Olivia says:

    My condolences to the family and friends, especially the roommates that not only found their friends’ bodies, but were then vilified by the entire internet and accused of being killers.

    • Pat Ray says:

      ​@Crue Jones  Reread your last sentence, picture this crime happening to 4 people you love, and look in the mirror. Please.

    • hawk 7886 says:

      That’s crap, the cops already knew the suspect, and had evidence to move forward. Their inaction and incompetence costs lives.

    • J The Body says:

      Finally they got this poor bastard. He was probably bullied by those stuck up, thirst trap blondes. luckily that employee at the gas station watched 4 hrs of surveillance footage to find the white elantra! Because the cops never would have solved this thing! The police dept is incompetent and in way over thier head from the get go. Can they atleast explain the weird 911 call for an “unconscious person?” That still doesn’t make any sense. And why was it labeled as an isolated targeted crime of passion??

    • Franklin Prichard says:

      Still can’t rule them out. They’re not to be trusted

    • PaPa Shango says:

      Never relax around a ✡️ that nose is freaky that guy could smoke in the rain and not get his cigarette wet 👃

  3. Tessie Tesoro says:

    Taken so young, not given any chance to grow old, enjoy life. It’s heartbreaking, I feel the families’ emotions in this horrific crime. Rest in peace 🙏

  4. Bodhi Swayze says:

    I’m so happy that the families don’t have to go into 2023 not knowing who took their children from them. Love and prayers from the UK ❤

    • SilenTHerO78614 says:

      Worry about your own country first m8, youve got a major problem with muslim grooming gangs nevermind the migrant invasion

  5. Divinely Deb says:

    My condolences to the grieving families. I’m happy that they found that criminal man who murdered those innocent students and arrested him. Justice will be served.

  6. amorl says:

    He’s so highly educated he got caught. May he have the same fate as is victims .

  7. Marian Antillon says:

    My very deepest condolences to all the families that lost their precious children and to there siblings in such a tragic way. And to all those police that saw the aftermath in that house onto the surviving girls that were spared. Prayers for all🙏

  8. Karen Meijer Young says:

    May loved ones of victims sleep a little more soundly as the next level begins. Sincere condolences to all those affected by the horror of this heinous crime.

  9. Joe Calzone says:

    So from what I’ve watched and read so far , this monster committed this crime simply to see if he could get away with murder??!!
    There’s no way!!

    • Pat Ray says:

      More likely, going on statistics, done to fulfill a longtime desire/fantasy and/or exert control over the victims due to some personal entanglement, rather than to test himself or law enforcement. Given he got a criminology master’s, charged with premeditation, and police say it was clearly a targeted and isolated act…I myself think it’s most likely he fully intended to get away with it and felt he’d outwitted them. But to drug lady’s point we are totally speculating.

    • Hopper33 says:

      We don’t know why yet.

    • lynn mahan says:

      If that’s true…. You’re right!

  10. Jasmine Ekusai says:

    This case attracted a lot of fanaticism, I hope people use the same time and energy to bring justice within your local communities. Even abc is using clips from sleuths- your work is important, spread your attention and resources to families and cases that never received as much news coverage

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