Unmixing Color Machine (Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow) – Smarter Every Day 217

Unmixing Color Machine (Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow) – Smarter Every Day 217

2nd Channel Video: https://youtu.be/57IMufyoCnQ
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Checkout these papers to learn a bit more about Taylor-Couette Flow:
Wikipedia Article:

Taylor’s Groundbreaking Paper

How instability forms


Music “Black Rhino” and ”
by A Shell In the Pit:
Gordon McGladdery

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50 Responses

  1. SmarterEveryDay says:

    If you’re interested in seeing a stationary tripod shot here’s one on the second channel. Consider subscribing to the second channel while you’re over there.

    • Guilherme Giacometti says:

      Hey Destin, just a constructive criticism, ok? You don’t need to use every possible click bait, ask for watch retention or sound like a gangster to catch your audience. You already did that years ago consistently creating good content. Don’t lose your originality becoming just another Youtuber. Cheers from Italy.

    • BrainyBricks says:

      I love your analogy at the end! I needed that today. THANK YOU!

    • TRIGRhap Gaming says:

      Destin if you ever find yourself in Kentucky I’d love to have you on my podcast.

    • Ian Jones says:

      Could you do that with epoxy?

    • John Stevonson says:

      *There is also a video on The King Of Random about laminar flow… FYI*

  2. Israel Dmz says:

    I really enjoy this experiment, it’s incredible. Thank you Destin!!

  3. Astrix says:

    So Fluid mechanics and Philosophy are connected 😛 Great video

    • joops110 says:

      Everything is connected to philosophy 🙂

    • sens1tiv says:

      +Astrix “Is maths related science???” is a meme. A joke. It wasn’t a serious question. And r/whoooosh is the subreddit for showing the best moments of that, in how people missed the joke.

    • Markus Meier says:

      +sens1tiv also, don’t mention subreddits outside of reddit… (but also, unexpected subreddit) 🙂

    • Lzh 1703 says:

      Markus Meier
      The name of the subreddit itself has also become a meme

  4. racpa5 says:

    Dustin is helping me work through my anti-Alabama bias.

    • Jonathon Barberio says:

      Same… Well till football season. Go Tigers!!!

    • SIRbob84 says:

      I do agree but Dustin does happen to live in the best city in the USA maybe I am bias but Hey while most cities have a good skyline our’s has a Spaceline.(not my words I saw it on Geek out Huntsville)

  5. Augusto Barbosa says:

    “Don’t fast forward” as if i would fast forward such amazing content

    • White Cat says:

      If you did, you’d be possibly missing their ads. Also, don’t forget to watch the video till the end where he keeps enthusiastically talking about audio books of some sort he’d like to sell us. He’s such a smart guy.

    • Thumbobby says:

      +White Cat How dare he make money for his content!!

    • Augusto Barbosa says:

      +Thumbobby you said it all

  6. Qc Diamond says:

    4:30 I was actually looking for text when you said “Couette”

    Couldn’t find any

  7. Master Adit says:

    It’s just like doing 6 things and pressing Ctrl + Z 6 times.

    Command + Z for Mac users.

  8. hyperbeam 94 says:

    teache:r count to seven(don’t ask why)
    him: 1,2,3,4 uhhhhhh ,6,7

    • Y SO SIRIUS says:

      hyperbeam 94 he did the rotation but didn’t count it

    • Phil P says:

      +Y SO SIRIUS He only did 6 rotations. He only did 6 in reverse too. He either miscounted both times, or edited one rotation in each direction completely out of the video for some reason.

    • Benjamin Wang says:

      wdym “him” he’s my man Destin

    • Jesper Åhman says:

      +Phil P He said he lost count in reverse as well. He probably just turned until it got back to where he started.

    • Brandon Payne says:

      Benjamin Wang
      Him is a nonspecific noun of reference to a singular male. The context of the video designates who the “him” Wdym by such a Dumbass question?

  9. Brandon Boswell says:

    @4:01 ‘looks like marbles’

    Iv been thinking that the WHOLE TIME

  10. Glob Two says:

    I think the video the Slow-Mo guys recently uploaded is a better metaphor for my life. Ain’t no unmixing that.

  11. Kamran Beg says:

    Don’t fast forward see it in realtime

    Fast forwards the video himself

  12. Drake Aure says:

    You make me think about changing from physics to engineering…but just think about it lol

  13. Lamb to Wolf says:

    Hey, I’m a french guy and I give you my croissant of approval for the pronunciation of Couette’s name. Pretty good!

  14. Todd Beeman says:

    Destin- Usually when people make my brain hurt, they bother me.. but you’re cool. Keep hurting my brain 🙂
    Peace & Love from Missouri -Todd

  15. Schla Wiener says:


    smartereveryday: GOGGLE UP MAN GOGGLE UP!!!

  16. Batho Tho says:

    Do you know that if you start to spin it really fast, some crazy instabilities start to happen?

  17. Beefheart Vandercrease says:

    Destin: “Do not fast forward this video”
    Also Destin: speeds up the video to 3x.
    Man, I WAS doing as I was told!!

  18. arjun desur says:

    Destin my dude why did you change the thumbnail style it looks like a clickbait thumbnail?

  19. Noah Barkelew says:

    Between this and non-Newtonian fluids, I have concluded that corn is magical.

  20. Nightmar says:

    Teacher: Count to seven twice
    1,2,3,4, uuuhhh 6,7
    1,2,3, uuuhhh 5,6,7

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