Unpacking Joe Rogan’s Response to Artists Pulling Content from Spotify | The Daily Show

Unpacking Joe Rogan’s Response to Artists Pulling Content from Spotify | The Daily Show

Amid artists pulling their music from Spotify, Joe Rogan issues an apology and vows to balance out the controversial viewpoints on his show. #DailyShow #JoeRogan

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50 Responses

  1. Max Pennacchini says:

    What I always appreciated about Jon Stewart was that he could be nuanced, and he didn’t mind if his opinion was counter to his general audience’s views. I think it is pretty interesting that his replacement in Trevor is still one of the few people who can also bring that kind of voice

    • Kris R says:

      @myrra baity Not opinions but provable facts and reality. If you saw the Dan Crenshaw interview it is impossible not to have seen it. He complained about others in his party being guilty of performative politics when he is the worst of them all which is provable by his James Bond wannabe videos. You must be trolls if this needs to be explained to you. Truthful over neutral, otherwise you allow your audience to be misinformed and manipulated.

    • knot says:

      Noah is a shill lol

    • apoclypse says:

      @Jim Bob Duggar Why isn’t she getting dragged for spreading misinformation?

    • Rachael S says:

      @Peter Last it does not decrease your chance of getting it. It decreases your chances of getting hospitalized which is low the younger and healthier you are. Your immunity wanes quickly. If peoooe wanna get their kids vaxxed go ahead. Who knows long term effects and covid isn’t dangerous to young children by stats but you gotta way your risk benefit I guess

    • myrra baity says:

      @Kris R And what is truth exactly?

  2. griff7533 says:

    “I want to live in a reasonable world” just struck me so hard. I don’t think I’ve heard that sentiment like ever. It’s the third option that no one chooses and saying it like that gives us the option.

    • Raphael L says:

      @Tomas X Wrong where? And where did he do well? All the points Rogan mentioned were true but he did not want to face them – is it a lie that you got banned on social media for saying the virus might have come from Wuhan? Only for saying it might have come from there got you banned!
      Is it a fact that the vaccines are not 100% efficient and that you can still infect others even if vaccinated? And not only with Omicron – also with delta! But you dont want to hear that right? And people got banned for that right? Eventho they were right, right? Because science was wrong back then – or at least they stated oppinions without having enough facts to back them up – only because they did hope they would be right. But they were wrong – and people who knew that already got banned for talking the truth. And Trevor did not recognize this – he tryed to talk bullshiet but can not convince me with his shiet – Im way too smart for him

    • Tomas X says:

      @Raphael L  Wrong. And an example of what TN just talked about. He just did it so well your huffing and puffing looking for something to post. FAIL.

    • flychomperfly says:

      @Raphael L – in the original version, he apparently played Logan’s actual clip.

    • Michael Evans says:

      As he said he wanted to live in a “reasonable world” he Immediately starts on an attack, and spreading the same lies that have gotten us here.

    • Raphael L says:

      But Trevor is not reasonable – he did not even one single time mention what Joe really said haha what a joke – full of missinformation this video

  3. Youtube User says:

    Thank you for explaining these things to the audience. It’s a risk in the age of short attention spans, probably only people who agree with you would listen until the end. I salute you for doing this. For often talking seriously about current topics, from your personal point of view. Nuanced, logical, not aggressive. Thank you!

  4. Kyle Keefer says:

    NO to “Trevor Noah slams Joe Rogan.” NO to “Trevor Noah defends Joe Rogan.” YES to “Trevor Noah talks about Joe Rogan in a reasoned, nuanced manner that tries to be both truthful and empathetic.”

  5. C J says:

    Yeah, Trevor, that’s what I love seeing you for. This accurate way to shed light on different points, and finding those great and memorable ways to explain it! And still be entertaining and funny. You stay at the net, you are so needed!

    • Raphael L says:

      Accurate where? He made some ridiculous 4 o’clock example which has absolutely 0 to do with reality and he dodged the main point hahahaha

    • DTS says:

      He’s great at driving his point home in a way that’s both constructive and conducive to engaging in meaningful conversation with the other side for the purpose of enacting meaningful change in either thoughts or behavior, or both.

  6. thedirty530 says:

    I can do nothing but respect someone who makes an attempt to admit their own faults. What else can you expect of someone these days. And I respect trevor for this discussion as well!

    • Andy pride says:

      @Tilo von Brandis what information is he spreading?? 1 thing…go!

    • Tilo von Brandis says:

      @Wayne Mangan You comment is an excellent example of why Rogan is so dangerous. People like you actually believe the dangerous information he is spreading because you assume he is neutral and intelligent.

    • Gentry Myler says:

      Definitely wasn’t an apology…name one peice of “misinformation”…its all on subject…non missing

    • Priestofgoddess says:

      @Allan Lin what it?

    • Priestofgoddess says:

      @Wayne Mangan Joe Rogan might be neutral on many things, he surely is not an vaccine and was never. He even was for vaccines a while ago.

  7. Peter Williams says:

    Don’t agree with everything Trevor said but being able to have a real conversation is refreshing. I hope we can go back to a society where we try to understand each other

    • Three Of Eight says:

      @blameit6 Yup, that is real life. On the internet it has to be all extreme.

    • unsoulved says:

      @Daniel Smith he is going somewhere better

    • Daniel Smith says:

      @Wilmark Johnatty you ok buddy?

    • unsoulved says:

      @Karmen Cummings life with paper/virtual money vs resources is a topic you should use with your glasses

    • blameit6 says:

      It’s like my neighbor and I, we understand each other and we talk and very polite to each other. He is antivax, Trump supporter, believes the election was stolen and believes in Qanon. I am totally opposite of that but you don’t see us arguing or yelling at other with hate. We understand that each of us have our own view of things and believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. We have dinners and BBQs and play card games. We tell each other jokes and have fun. You shouldn’t hate someone just because they have a different view or opinion of things. Not everyone is going to agree on things but we can be friendly with each other.

  8. Sinead Murtagh says:

    I loved the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and at the time couldn’t imagine the show with anyone else at the helm.

    Trevor had huge shoes to fill and he hasn’t done that. Trying to would have been a mistake.

    Trevor Noah has made the show his own, and grown it into something different than before. A lot the same, but also a lot more.

    I still love Jon Stewart, but now I can’t imagine anyone other than Trevor Noah at the helm of the Daily Show.

    Jon chose wisely.

  9. Sayan Das Mitra says:

    I want Trevor to do a 3 hour Joe Rogan episode. It would be so epic plus nuanced, funny, and thoughtful.

    • Charles Hill says:

      @Daniel Smith didn’t he interview Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and Andrew Yang all of which were running as Democrats last election cycle?

    • T Destroyer says:

      @Greg Davis Not being completely obedient to the state makes you far right these days. So does asking questions.

    • Sloat says:

      @Ian F literally this!
      3.00 “Jab!!”
      3.01 “Safe?”
      3.02 “Yes!”
      3.03 Dead
      3.04 “Liers!!!”
      3.05 “Na ah! At 3.00 we had no clue it would cause death!”

    • Daniel Smith says:

      won’t happen, as much as Rogan says he “listens to all sides” he doesn’t bring on anybody even slightly left

    • T W says:

      @P Morse ya because it was about Joe Rogan d-bag

  10. Astrida Rideout says:

    one thing i haven’t heard enough about in the “cloth masks debate” is how, even early on, scientists were saying that they weren’t that great- the reason they became the go-to mask option for the general public is that there was a KN95 shortage, and it made sense to encourage people to use cloth ones, so that they weren’t buying the KN95s up and making it even harder for hospitals to keep enough of the KN95s on hand for the doctors, nurses and other frontline medical personnel

    • Victor says:

      Get N95, not KN95, the KN95 are Chinese junk.

    • Robin Dale says:

      @Norbert P Bull. Sneezing doesn’t matter one bit for viral spread unless its DIRECTLY into your face OR onto some surface where the virus can sit. TOUCH is far, far more of a spread vector than air, by a couple orders of magnitude. The CDC even found, early on in this, that you would have to spend 10-15 minutes in close proximity (ie a small room) to have even a chance to get infected from airborne. You are NOT going to get anything in the air in a huge supermarket, unless its from one of the above 2 mentioned ways.

    • Robin Dale says:

      @Tango Nevada ” I don’t think Surgeons have been wearing them for no reason at all for decades. The reason is, they don’t want to exhale any bacteria or whatever into your open would or wherever they are operating. But they aren’t concerned about your open wound coughing on them. So they do work, just not in the way people think. Otherwise surgeons would never wear them.” Yes, but the thing is, those surgical/medical masks DO NOT, repeat DO NOT, and are NOT used for, protecting against VIRUSES. They never have, they never were. They were to protect as you say, from BACTERIA, which is 100x larger than a virus, and other body fluids, primarily blood from the patient. They are not and never were any kind of recommended protection from respiratory stuff.

    • Mike Smith says:

      ​@asteroid211 Because there has been studies with the Flu which requires much larger droplet exposure to get infected and masks proved not to work for that. The first 4-6 months Fauci believed this virus traveled thru large respiratory droplets and dismissed people were getting infected thru aerosolization. By September of 2020 he began to admit that the virus was aerosolized which would make masks ever more ineffective than originally thought.

    • Kimberly Cronen says:

      @Brendan McCarthy What a very strange thing to be bothered about. There are real things to be upset about. You wrote this in a public forum, so since you are looking for feedback on this, I suggest you get involved in a cause that’s meaningful to you and expend your emotional energy there. There are many ways to help your community: food shelves, homeless shelters, foster care, meals on wheels, local churches and community centers…. Leave people in their cars to do whatever they want; they are hurting no one. Maybe their face is cold or there is a kid in the backseat you can’t see or they are delivering food or they just forgot to take it off… Why on earth would it matter to you? How very odd.

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