Unreal Rescue In Baton Rouge Floodwater

Unreal Rescue In Baton Rouge Floodwater

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20 Responses

  1. Slack Jicholson says:

    I was more relieved when he pulled the dog out.

  2. DJ Blur says:

    Is she drunk?

  3. Tony Chen says:

    Dang what a hero, he saved a bitch…and that lady

  4. Rusty Nickels says:

    EW wtf is that creature they pulled out of the car? It’s not human burn it
    with fire!!! I swear, the bottom 1% of Americans are way the fuck down

  5. Kevin Jordan says:

    Wow Bruce Lee is a hero afterall!!

  6. pavolon says:

    Who the hell dislikes this video.

  7. Don't Usually Comment says:

    Was she drunk?

  8. Daniel š says:

    I would have drowned that bitch myself as soon as she said …………get
    my dog……… get my dog

  9. Jermian Hereira says:

    I thought the dog died

  10. juan garcia says:

    i lost it when i saw the dog trying to swim ?

  11. Daddy The Father says:

    Don’t stand on a sinking car but otherwise good job

  12. Only You Love says:

    Unreal Rescue In Baton Rouge Floodwater …goood

  13. Joseph Kilkelly says:

    All the comments are bull shit, guys a hero. Respect !

  14. jon heppler says:


  15. The Life of Jake says:

    Restoring the faith in Humanity you tube. Finally a positive video in the
    trending section.

  16. Jesus says:

    No the miata!

  17. Sam Pearce says:

    I was happy that they saved the woman, but to be honest I cried that he was
    able to save the dog after the other guys were saying the dog was gone.

  18. ArchangelV11 says:

    that ungrateful bitch, get my beeping dog. she’s lucky these ppl help

  19. colonjuice says:

    why was she in the car anyways cmon now

  20. Jozlynn Oakley says:

    almost dies “get my dog!”