UNSANE | Official Trailer | In theaters March 23

UNSANE | Official Trailer | In theaters March 23

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Is she… or isn’t she?
Watch the official trailer for UNSANE, Steven Soderbergh’s new psychological thriller. In theaters March 23

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57 Responses

  1. thespicehoarder says:

    r/CreepyPMs the movie?

  2. conradstudios says:

    Absolutely excited for this!!!

  3. TheKratnoff says:

    This looks like trash haha. (Un)sane, really? Even the title is like something an edgy middle schooler would make up. The actors seem like random people you found on the street or your friends. (I.e. not actors.) The premise has been done before, and the way you stigmatize mental illness seems in extremely poor taste.

    10/10 trailer I can’t wait 4 ur film

  4. needsmorehearts says:

    as someone who’s involuntarily been forced into inpatient and has also had friends forced into inpatient when they LITERALLY DID NOT EVEN ASK FOR INPATIENT…. FUCK……… i still have nightmares so this is such a huge fear UGH i wish it were a bigger issue

    • Jesse Jimenez says:

      If they deem you at a risk to yourself or others, they can place you on a 51/50 hold which is 72 hours involuntary. It could happen when someone is seeking help outside of inpatient means and are deemed a risk and placed without their consent, as a safety measure. Happened to me as well, I had a voluntary stay and they thought I was still a risk and placed me on a 51/50. It’s meant as a safety measure, but it often goes against what the patient themselves want.

    • AzeOfSpadez says:

      How do you get out?!

    • Rachy Stogner says:

      I mean, if you’re a danger to yourself and others, it’s gonna happen. They would be responsible if you left and went and hurt yourself or others. I know a family who currently is suing a mental health facility because their daughter refused to be sectioned (she threw a massive fit, and they let her go), and the next day she killed herself. They’re being blamed for not taking care of her. I’ve had it happen to me, too, though (I went for a self-inflicted injury, and they sectioned me for 6 days against my wishes.) It sucks ass, but when it comes down to it, they don’t really have a choice. And even then, people who actually want to get help often can’t stay for more than a few days before their insurance boots them out — of course, then they’re not responsible for anything that happens then, no matter how much the person in question needs/wants help. People who want help can’t get it, and people who don’t want it are stuck. :p

    • Nevel Papperman says:

      AzeOfSpadez You gotta do it American Horror Story style and escape with a serial killer

    • Rachy Stogner says:

      @AzeofSpadez @Retrospective They can only keep you for 72 hours (unless you commit a crime, that is). & even then, your insurance will run out at some point. (Even when I was having a psychotic episode, I couldn’t stay at a facility even two weeks due to my insurance. They would kick me out on the street if I didn’t have family — at least in the U.S., it seems they couldn’t care less what happens to you, as long as you’re out of their hair. :p)

  5. TheNizzleShizzle says:

    For anyone wondering, I just found out that this film was shot entirely on an iPhone

    • Parker Nelson says:

      Taityana Lopez lol, yeah.

    • Jack Lee says:

      TheNizzleShizzle Should be shot on the Galaxy note 8. IPhone has lighting bugs still from ios 8, with the choppy fade away from darkness… Image stabilization isn’t even as good, so the movie would be seen as messy

    • Miłosz Skowroński says:

      TheNizzleShizzle So if I draw a single shitty picture, record 1 hour of dialogue for it, and call it “1 frame/hour film”, am I also “bringing a different creative direction to the cinematography”? This is why I hate hipsters and modern art. Just put some effort into whatever you’re doing, instead of taking a shit on decades, sometimes hundreds of years of tradition and refinement of the art and calling it “a different creative direction”. iPhone’s camera quality sucks, they only did it to cut costs and maybe for some novelty value. Would the movie look better if it was shot on a professional camera? Yes. Would it be better because of it? Remains to be seen, but I’m fairly certain it would be. As it stands, I’m not impressed.

    • T. O. says:

      Miłosz Skowroński
      Relax. We are talking about Steven Soderbergh here, not some random hipster. Of course a large sensor professional camera would look better. However, it is the creative direction, the plot, the script and the performances that matter, as always.

  6. Mobile Motion Film Festival says:

    Looks awesome! Hope we get to show it.

  7. jd899 says:

    Unsane looks like to it will be an extremely intense psychological horror/thriller. It looks much more highly strung than Side Effects was.
    Spoiler Warning

    Does anyone think that orange in the trailer looks exactly like the one Rooney Mara’s character was imprisoned in Side Effects by Jude Law’s character or is it me?

  8. Sublime Trickaz says:

    Plot twist: it was always different guys, but bearded hipsters all look the same.

  9. LoudAngryJerk says:

    “you just signed this thing that means you consent to voluntary commitment…” wwwhat? that’s not how that works. the only way they can hold you against your will for longer than a 48 (or 72 in some states/counties) hour period is if you are demonstrably a threat to yourself or others, and if you sign a consent form for voluntary commitment you can sign out at any time (as long as you arent a threat)
    Trailer went on for 2 minutes 42 more seconds and every moment was as dumb as a bag of hair in a box of hammers.

    • Eduardo Rubio says:

      Obviously there is something not logical about it and it seem unlawful but I think that’s the point of the movie? Make her seem like she is insane and in the trailer, she does eventually go “crazy” and that seems like more than enough reason to 5150 someone. As she would seem like a danger to herself and/or others. But I think the movie trailer make you feel or thing what it wanted you to. It doesn’t make sense so maybe the movie will explain. Not trying fully defend the movie as it seems interesting to me but a bit cliche but like you said, you’ve only seen 2 min and 42 seconds of an at least 1 and half hour mobie

    • Anna says:

      They can hold you for any reason, you dont just sign yourself out… all of the doors are locked.

    • LoudAngryJerk says:

      within the first 5 minutes? she’s literally locked in immediately after signing the forms. thats not jumping to conclusions.

    • Anna says:

      Dude… yes. The mental health industry in the US is horrendous and inpatient care is not not not what it should be.

    • MrGreyjeep says:


  10. Jordy Reviews It says:

    And here come the people saying it stigmatizes mental illness. If you think so, don’t watch the film. Film, and art in general, are meant to be thought-provoking. You can find something “stigmatizing” in every film or tv show out there. You can reach so insanely far to say that. Artists will not stop creating because some people might be too sensitive to it. So many people brushed off SPLIT in this sense and completely ignored what the film was about – or didn’t even give it the time. There are plenty of films about war, death, destruction, etc. that are all hard topics. If we dismissed or criticized them all on the basis of stigmas or your personal aversion to it, then we’d have no film.

    • Becca Lowry says:

      Jordy Reviews It I thought the same thing- at least give the movie a chance before you judge it! I think this looks really good and Claire Foy is just brilliant in anything she does.

    • TheKratnoff says:

      “Here come the people saying it stigmatized mental illness,” literally only I said that, calm down.

      Anyways, the issue is these topics are often inaccurately portrayed and played for dramatic effect. You mentioned death/war in films, and it’s no different, nobody wants an action movie about the holocaust. Its a problem when most people are uneducated about disorders like schizophrenia or DID and the only portrayals they see are serial killers/psychopaths in horror movies. I also find it very sad that you think Split, or this movie for that matter, are “thought provoking.” I have no issue with movies that ACTUALLY have thoughtful commentary and an accurate representation of the illness they’re trying to portray. But hey, I actually like good movies ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Rachy Stogner says:

      I haven’t seen this movie, so I’m not sure, but it does look like another story where the mental illness is just a plot point, and there’s nothing deeper or more interesting to be said than “she’s crazy…OR IS SHE?” Black & white. I’m not saying that there aren’t movies and media that do explore this in a way I find more appealing (and it is my personal preference!), I’m just saying it’s a lot easier to use people as one-off tokens without raising any real questions. I mean, movies where “war = good for us,” “veterans = baby-killers,” or “soldiers = heroes” or something to that affect are the only points are generally seen as vapid & shallow; why not ask movies about mental illness to show a gradient and humanity as well?

    • Luke Norris says:

      Shut up and get your tits out.

  11. DrStreaks says:

    I actually watched a full youtube add without skipping for once. 10/10 would watch again.

  12. Fressh says:

    Nice, this is why I disable adblock on youtube.

  13. atarix says:

    not the best ad for an iphone cam, it deserves better

  14. Timothy Ramlogan says:

    I swear Soderbergh can film on a potato and still make it look good

    • Russo Wintergreen says:

      Timothy Ramlogan its a good thing he never casts dark skin black women in his films. He understands that black girls that have darker skin than Rihanna are ugly and irrelevant.

    • Mr. V says:

      Soderbergh – something weird happened to that guy. Now he’s just on the fringes of mainstream moviemaking.

    • The cumshot my mom should've swallowed says:

      Russo Wintergreen Don’t be racist. Hate everyone 👍

  15. hudsonfilm says:

    God Save the Queen

  16. Besim Brija says:

    lol they couldn’t find a better camera?

  17. Hence Forth says:

    Thanks for showing me the major plot points, i don’t need to see the film now, well done modern trailer cutters.

    • Jacob Gallegos says:

      Hence Forth do you know the ending?? Do you know what the real plot points are?? No, you don’t. So stop acting like you know absolutely everything because you don’t

    • Evange Stav says:

      Hence Forth they make it seem like the plot points are given when they are truly not. Have you ever seen the “Next Up” at the end of doctor who episodes? They feel like they give everything away, when truly, what they are showing is minor and was cut to seem major.

    • Lance says:

      Hence Forth i really hate when people say this like what the fuck do you want to see? That’s just stupid

  18. Product - says:

    Hope it doesn’t have the same twist as Shutter Island..would be too predictable.

  19. Dae Woo says:

    If this is what film has reverted to, I fear it will die out pretty soon.

  20. Indigo is purple says:

    For anyone wondering why this doesn’t really look professional, it’s because it was shot on an iPhone.
    I get the point, and it is kind of inspiring, but it really doesn’t look good.

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