UNTUCKED: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 9 “Your Pilot’s on Fire”

UNTUCKED: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 9 “Your Pilot’s on Fire”

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After making their own TV pilots, the queens settle in and get shady about who might get the green light and who might be canceled.

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20 Responses

  1. MrSpillagerGAMING says:

    Last time I was this early, people thought Valentina was going to be on the Top 3

  2. Psychedelic Pearl says:

    I expected Alexis to go before Valentina.

  3. GG Jones says:

    this is like Jade Jolie making it farther than Lineysha Sparx all over again. Alexis should have been sent home

  4. AngelWu says:

    I just want this season to be over with already lol. Just crown either Shea, Sasha, or Trinity.

  5. David Boucard says:

    Alexis Michelle (basically): “I agree that we split the work equally, but I did more work” ?

  6. Halley DeVestern says:

    Apparently wearing a Torreador costume on the runway is bad luck.

  7. Darell Grant says:

    Shea, Trinity and Sasha are CLEARLY top 3!

  8. Courtney Lyn says:

    I think Ru put Valentina up to take out Nina (just based on her overall mood and performance). As soon as Ru realized that Valentina 1. had a mask on during a lip-sync challenge and 2. did not know the words, she was just disappointed and pretty much knew she had to send home Valentina.
    I was a huge Valentina fan but she was not robbed and Nina deserved to win.

  9. Sierra * says:

    Idk why people think that Valentina just choked. Go watch this weeks “Watcha Packin” on Logo, she even admits to not bother learning the song.

  10. Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova says:

    The most shocking part is that Alexis made it farther than Valentina

  11. Julia Doe says:

    I have a feeling Sasha and Shea are going to be the kimchi/Naomi,
    Katya/Trixie, and Raven/Raja of this season.

  12. Ms.Boston says:

    all Valentina had to do was know the words she could have really just stood there and knew the words and won. Ru literally was itching to send home Nina but Valentina fucked it all up.

  13. CortneysCorner says:

    Valentina should have instantly taken off the mask and bullshitted her way through the lip-sync and that would have been enough for her to stay. She could have walked up and down that runway turned her back to dance hell anything. She drew way to much attention to her mouth when she should have acted liked nothing was wrong. She needed to do the bare minimum to send Nina home and its disappointing someone that was most likely (or Shea) was going to win the competition is gone when there are so many girls left. Even if Ru was to bring her back theres no chance of her winning anymore smh.

  14. iBurnedaHouse says:

    Also real talk, Sasha and Shea Coulee’s conversation was pretty deep. Hmmm

  15. Carlos Del Angel says:

    alexis 2 seconds after walking in: i’m furious

    me: here we go…. what did all the other girls do this time??

  16. Rich Lux says:

    Nina left her such a sweet note ?❤️

  17. isingtomyownbeat08 says:

    The difference between Valentina and Alexis is that Val owned up to everything she did; good or bad. She made no excuses for herself but Alexis keeps blaming other queens for her lack of talent. That bitch loves to make excuses and her runway looks…..damn

  18. Nelly Duke says:

    This is what happens the one time you forget to pray to Guadeloupe

  19. Mike Baratta says:

    The fact that Peppermint, of all people, was learning the lip sync song while Nina and Valentina sat on the couch speaks volumes about why certain people are still in the competition. You can be the most talented artist on the planet, but you have to be willing to do the legwork. Peppermint and Alexis may not have the same shine that Valentina does, but goddamn they do the work and they don’t shut down at the first sign of adversity.

  20. Jade Brown says:

    The fact that Rupaul even said “Alright, Lip Sync for your Life take two!” Just shows how much he likes Valentina. If that was any other queen with a mask on he would’ve just said stop the music and Sashay away.

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