Upchurch – Desperado (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) #upchurch #desperado #outlaw #rhec

Upchurch – Desperado (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) #upchurch #desperado #outlaw #rhec

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31 Responses

  1. Jim Bob Outlaw Preacher says:

    How the F did the outlaws agree to a video? My mind is blown, not sure if I proud of ya or scared for ya.

    I thought when you said know outlaws you where talking about people like me…. Heavy shit

    Good tune

  2. Michael Forbes says:

    This is truly a test of times. Upchurch is evolving right before our very eyes. His lyrics are legendary, and his flow is like the wind in a wilderness they throw up obstacles, he just flows around them. Straight 🔥.

    • Matthew Belcher says:

      @TonyD. damn right

    • Tyson Willmorth says:

      Shoot dang thats one hard ass white boy! Love the this

    • TonyD. says:

      @Featherless  you pretty much just contradicted everything you’ve been saying lol. Young, nope, fantasy land nope. Just recognize a good artist when I see one. You got to have feathers to fly. Fly above everyone else. So I guess your name of featherless is fitting for ya. So when everyone else is flying high above your just on the ground looking up. Cheers 🍻

    • Featherless says:

      @TonyD. you’re obviously young and still live in fantasy world… Its ok. You’ll grow up one day 😉
      Nothing wrong with listening to and supporting Upchurch. I’ve probably been doing it longer than you. And always will. No matter if he rights soft music or hard music. He still puts out better music for me than anyone.

    • Featherless says:

      @TonyD. Tom McDonald is a clown

  3. Joshua Kelley says:

    “I am a leader you shouldn’t follow. Hard to keep up with a wild desperado” gets me that’s one of the best lyrics from church love your music man

  4. Erick Lindberg says:

    When my wife and I used to cruise around the country roads when she was pregnant, we’d be jamming to Upchurch’s music. My son was colicky and Upchurch soothed him. At a year and a half old, we play your music and he goes nuts every time. He started dancing to “Build Like That” and has been dancing since. Your music is generational in all ways. Great song and I appreciate your work, man!

  5. Ryder C says:

    “Because the backwoods never turned its back on me” In a world like today you have no idea how deep these lyrics run man. Keep doin you ‘church. You do it better than anyone else out there

  6. Hell Yeah Kimball's BBQ says:

    Been bumpin in my speakers for 7 years and see no end to that! #1 artist played on my player 5 years straight!

  7. Solar Guy says:

    Dude, the Burnouts against the house… Those burnouts just laid down by the Outlaws, instantly raised the equity 1, 5, 10 million dollars or more? Those burnouts will stand the test of time with a roof over it, plus there is a music video (the story behind the rubber laid down) to go with it. Last but not least, the Johnny Cash/Elvis Presley of our Generation, the Legendary UpChurch. Man, glad I didn’t have to read about this in a book or watch a movie on it 50yrs from now!

  8. Richard Strader says:

    This was definitely worth the wait man. The Outlaws are BadAss man and I’m so psyched that they agreed to be in the video. You are by far my favorite artist and this is why. You don’t give a fuck what mainstream says you do what you want and fuck what they think.

  9. Proud Southern Momma! says:

    Thank you Church for all the wonderful songs & videos you put out over the years!
    Much respect to the Outlaws. 👍

  10. Kyle Gagne says:

    The progression I have seen you make throughout years is un matched by ANYONE. This is instantly a song to put on repeat and will be a classic in years to come

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