Upchurch ft. @Chase Matthew “Broadway Girls” REMIX (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Upchurch ft. @Chase Matthew “Broadway Girls” REMIX (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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38 Responses

  1. FREED DIESEL says:

    Dude the fact that yall came up with the remix and a music vid in like a week is absolutely badass🤟 keep up the grind bubba😎😎

    • President Elect Homelander says:

      @cindy cliburn I think country Is great btw, lovely soul music, but Hip Hop is another flavor, mostly nasty cancerous shit, including the vibes, thats just the energy of the genre, but sometimes it works, can I get a yeehaw?

    • cameron machado says:

      that’s called work, brother. hard work works

    • Kurtis Lowe says:

      The freedom of being independent! If it’s hot drop it and watch the paper roll in! Love Morgan’s music but it sux seein him and Big Ern having to try to create fan pressure for the label to give them permission to drop their own music. That’s why Music Row hates Church, Acal, Jelly, Strugg, Chase, etc… and we all Love ‘em

    • Puget Sound Computer Repair says:


    • Ashley Kirby says:

      @President Elect Homelander the fact that you just said jelly instead of jealous says everything we need to know!! Kick rocks dude

  2. Lea Juliene says:

    I used to get so pumped when I was in high school to hear the lighter click knowing Lil Wayne was coming in.
    Now that I’m older I get the same feeling when I hear, “UPCHURCH!!”, knowing it’s about to be some fire.
    Merry early Christmas to everyone. Stay safe out there!

  3. Elizabeth Anne says:

    I wonder if Morgan realizes the music industry is the “Broadway girls” yet?
    Church and Chase smoked this song ☄️🔥🔥🔥

    • Jay Medine says:

      I wonder how Ol Morgan will feel about this remix when Upchurch and Chase have bigger success of the remix than he did with the original……

    • Trey V.L. (ReaperSZNx) says:

      @Jay Medine I wouldn’t go that far…Durk and Morgan’s version smacked 1.3mil views on the audio only video the first two days. Church is 🔥 but let’s not get too delusional.

    • Luis Colon says:

      @Trey V.L. (ReaperSZNx) lol let’s not get too delusional 🤣 you must be on that good speed, Morgan’s version with durk is garbage. Durk ruined the whole song, I got 5 bucks in a week or 2 this will pass Morgan’s version by a lot

  4. SwampGod01 says:

    I hope he drops this on Spotify and Apple Music. Going to blasting this constantly. RHEC 🤘

  5. Seth Anthony says:

    Bumping this tonight 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  6. dj woodard says:

    Chase is going places for sure. You’ve done a hell of a job coaching this man!!

  7. Fishing With YakPak says:

    Absolute heat 🤘🏼🔥

  8. No says:

    This song is so special, the music, the lyrics and the voice of this song really makes you feel something different, which you can’t explain.. but you felt it.

  9. Ryan Upchurch says:

    In my version “Broadway Girls” are mainstream record label owners.

  10. Bribe says:

    This is on repeat all this week at my shop 🤘

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