Upchurch “Radio Jam” (Official Music Video)

Upchurch “Radio Jam” (Official Music Video)

iTunes- https://goo.gl/cpC7kg
Google Play- https://goo.gl/Zk6s6Q
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19 Responses

  1. Rambo says:

    Song of the summer💯🔥

  2. Caleb Morris says:

    Best song ever

  3. eathen sirmans says:

    Make more somgs upchurch

  4. Brittany Martin says:

    I can’t wait to see you at Johnny and June in Winston-Salem on September 15. You did great jobs on this video!!!

  5. Tech Tubee says:

    Shit is getting better and better.

  6. Dan2012Ram says:

    Had to hit like before it even started because I already know it’ll be good

  7. Caleb Morris says:

    Haters make me famous

  8. Country Boy jamie says:

    I don’t like it……… I love it

  9. SnyderPlaysGames says:

    I’ve never liked country… But this song made me love and respect country.

  10. James Thompson says:

    Get this on iTunes and Spotify asap. Upchurch outworks, outwrites, and out does em all

  11. Struggle says:

    cough garbage

  12. Colorado Hillbilly says:

    #15 on YouTube trending let’s keep it going

  13. Ouroboros says:

    Does anyone else get the odd feeling that most of these comments are fake?

  14. Jack Wathan says:

    We just gonna ignore the fact that he took the deal ?

  15. Christopher Smith says:

    109 dislikes how in the fuck!!! The vibe and feelings your music puts off is like no other brother! This is what music is all about man from what you lived to how you’re living. Nothing out there is better than your music I can put a check on that💯

  16. Brian Duke says:

    I like it Church! Haters can not be prepared because they have no clue of what will be next! Rap, Country, Rock!!!!

  17. Ryan Upchurch says:

    To all the haters in here, talk all the shit you want. I’m TRENDING your hating on a TRENDING video ❤️ eat your heart out, and to my fans I love y’all! Thank you for your support I absolutely love the fact that y’all always have my back I truly appreciate it 💯

  18. DJ R says:

    how many people have replayed this song more then 3 times today?? i know i did.

  19. Country Raised says:

    YOU HAVE GROWN SO MUCH SINCE I FIRST STARTED LISTING TO YOU BACK IN 2015.. CHURCH IM SO PROUD KEEP GROWIN AND KEEP KILLIN EM’ ❤ you have came to my state 3-4 times and every time I miss you and it breaks my damn heart you where just here in central Florida but I missed it because my boyfriend was having surgery and other stuff … but damn I pray you come back !! I wanna see you live !! Actually today in class (my first day of senior year) we where talking about country music and one kid yelled out “what about upchurch?” and I was like “yeah upchurch is awesome!” and another kid joined in… now we are all friends thanks to your ass😂

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