Upchurch “White Lightning” (Official Video)

Upchurch “White Lightning” (Official Video)

iTunes- https://goo.gl/cpC7kg
Google Play- https://goo.gl/Zk6s6Q
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20 Responses

  1. Triptastic Vlogs says:

    I love your music hilldilly

  2. Tarrah Barna says:

    anyone else here from notifications 😂

  3. Tommy Schmidt says:

    Been waiting so long for dis song UPCHURCH! Ur still PLEASIN THE FOLKS LIKE ME DOWN HERE IN Mid – Tennessee, Ryan u are never a disappointment

  4. Brian Cameron says:

    fuck sleep it’s time for upchurch

  5. country boy says:

    this I’d boss

  6. Jonathan Patterson says:

    Notification gang🇺🇸🇺🇸😎

  7. Jacob Plekkenpol says:

    white lighting- george jones. who else has a play list of upchurches songs

  8. Andrew Walls says:

    keep up the good work … really like the song love the video keep it up

  9. Ryan Riddle says:

    That’s the fastest I’ve ever clicked on a YouTube notification

  10. Ryan Upchurch says:


  11. Caleb Morris says:

    Best song ever I started to cry because this song represents me

  12. Justin Brown says:

    I have to say I’ve followed you since day one and you keep getting better keep at bro

  13. Crystal Harville says:

    Lol, you sold out a lot quicker than I thought you would. Keep trying, you will be just like Luke Bryan before long! 😂😂

  14. snow pusha says:

    a red neck flowing???? that’s a new 1… I don’t know bro.

  15. Rebel Mustang says:

    The records grow from Hank Williams Jr, to Upchurch. Country music just grows, that’s his roots and the seed of his ideas? Fertilized with ambition(rose petals). Watering can may be symbolic, tears? Like blood sweat and tears? I’m not sure if 3:00 has a meaning, I’m thinking it definitely does. Planting the pocket watch, idk, upchurch himself growing with time? He’s already said the lamp lights are all the ideas he’s coming up with, the car is him comfortable with the road he’s on.
    This all said, one thing that’s very eerie, the shot with him looking out the side mirror, looks exactly like Elvis when he was very young, before his mother died. Very eerie, very cool. Awesome job

  16. john earls says:

    I wanna know the meaning behind this upchurch?

  17. Chloe Flowers says:

    Southern MGK, boy is hard af and has a hell of a future!!! #Church

  18. ThuggDugg7 says:

    guess you dont know what that triangle and eye means .. also luce vision the word luce is short for lucifer . the lights surrounding u seemed a representation of symbolizing illumination.. why are your videos being recorded and edited by a luce vision ? why cant they just be videos with real people real setting and simple edits etc . why all the glitz and glam .. we dont need another pretty boy singing pretty songs .. fake country boys doin country all wrong ..

  19. Zero_FucksGiven says:

    what does ryan burring the albums symbolize

  20. Josh Painter says:

    #9 ON TRENDING LETS GO! keep it up man

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