Wanted to address everything that is going on

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  1. starvingindianboy says:

    There is nothing to feel ashamed of Ethan.

    Being burned by bill burr like that would send anyone into depression.
    Hang in there man

  2. Michael Matthew says:

    I think you guys need to take all the time you need dont worry about anything and take your time

    *love you guys*


    ethan, listen to the critics. Try to do better, we still support you!

  4. Josh Gray says:

    You’ve done goofted it up

    Jk love you guys

  5. Patrick Cross says:

    I don’t think people even care about the YouTube ad all that much, it’s probably due to the lack of research that goes into your opinions on the podcast that people are waking up to.

    • Patrick Cross says:

      Sputterbugz Claiming an entire religious group as a bunch of paedophiles is actually quite damaging and down right ignorant, which is exactly what h3h3 did. And I don’t particularly watch his podcast anymore after what it’s become.

    • Jack Zeiss says:

      You’re right. We should keep letting the Catholic community keep sweeping their pedophiles under the rug….
      If the only way people are going to actually talk about this issue is to put the entire group on blast, I say more power to H3.

      And the whole time he was saying it, he kept asking, “is that too far?”, “can I say that?”. He knows its fucked up. Get off your sensitive high horse and stop trying to make the story fit your agenda.

    • Linas Staniukynas says:

      +Sputterbugz So do you think the H3 content has improved since the earlier podcasts?

    • Road to the 2 Comma Club says:

      Jack Zeiss I agree. There’s been enough “sweeping under the rug” from the Catholic Church that they deserve to get called out on their shit. I personally don’t like religion and what it’s become because it seems to just make people more judgmental and intolerant. And the proof shows itself hundreds of times in the comments.

      Also about their “lack of research” that’s what an initial reaction/opinion is. That’s how most of us react and there’s no law saying you need to look things up to talk about it on a podcast. If you hear about something and it looks weird to you (as ASMR or whatever it’s called) then you’re allowed to say it looks weird. There’s no right or wrong anyways. People need to relax.

    • Freddy Morello says:

      Linas Staniukynas it absolutely hasn’t.

  6. Aidan Mountain says:

    People need to stop freaking out when YouTuber’s are inactive for a while, they are not your video slaves and everyone needs to understand that they have a life outside of YouTube

  7. TomaCukor says:

    I stopped watching the podcast because there can never be a different opinion than his, which is often short sighted in itself. He will keep hammering it, over and over, making fun of the other half, let it be Hila or the guest, until they simply give up trying to reason with him.

  8. The Next News Network says:

    Yeah, demonitization, algo changes, and feed changes, can be depressing.

  9. sregi22 says:

    *Hey, Ethan and Hila*

    We love you ❤️ look after yourselves, we’ll be waiting patiently.

  10. Concept says:

    I’m surprised people were getting so mad and angry. Love you guys if you need to take time take it. We’ll all be here waiting for you to be better

  11. xsuperduperspoonx says:

    hey it’s the guys from the MeUndies commercial.

  12. Michael Machabee says:

    Ethan & Hila, you guys are *real* people. There’s nothing wrong with going on a hiatus to discover yourself. Excited for the new content, but no pressure. <3

  13. MS Paint User says:

    Dudes, what if you put the podcast on hold for a couple weeks? Interacting with people without feeling the constant need to impress them or entertain them wouldn’t hurt

    • LoganConeTV says:

      Facts. His episode with Bill Burr was embarrassing. You have one of the biggest comedians on the planet on your show, why the hell are you talking about yourself and showing him three minute videos he’s already seen??

  14. FreshSalmon says:

    honestly i dont care that you made the game add cause it was funny and just a goof. you do whatever floats your boat

  15. pmiller says:

    Don’t feel bad, we want you to feel good. Hence, take whatever time and measures you need until you get back up! Love ya.

  16. Bob The Spider says:

    Like the transparency in the video 👍. Still a proud Hila Kleiner.

  17. Capitan Kaktus says:

    video game is very nice. you really don’t have to apologise. i mean… dog food ain’t cheap

    • Freddy Morello says:

      Capitan Kaktus these two have their finances sorted for their lives now… they wanted to make the game as a way to give something cool to the fans. However, the game is riddled from top to bottom with micro transactions – that’s fairly prevalent in mobile games currently but this one really takes the cake. It’s the exact kind of thing that 2016 Ethan would have ridiculed, and now he’s giving it to us.

  18. LoLiKitty x says:

    not gonna lie, i wouldve loved to have seen you guys react to the whole laura lee situation and goofed on her fake crying lol but its ok, its understandable why you guys took a break. a lot of things happened and between grieving and dealing with personal issues thats a lot to handle plus the podcast as well. sending you lots of love and hugs 💗

  19. VeeKee says:

    I feel for you both ♡

    I’m organizing an event in my small town centered around mental health. Our town struggles significantly due to a rental crisis, and addictions.

    Hoping to pair those who need it with the local resources available.

    *You both are so amazing, head up, you owe us nothing, we will always be here for the laffs and gaffs*

  20. Tejas Marathe says:

    Honestly i didn’t this that video game video was an ad.
    I was mad because,
    1. Ethan kept on saying that he didn’t want to make h3h3 videos for some time and then they drop this video game video.
    2. This video game is not special at all. It only has some meme names like vape nation. It was just like any other game.
    3. Ethan started throwing his political opinions at us without all the facts. Their podcast is very funny but when they get political i don’t like it because Ethan doesn’t know how to do political commentary.

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