UPDATE: What we know now about why Antonio Brown is no longer a Tampa Bay Buccaneer

UPDATE: What we know now about why Antonio Brown is no longer a Tampa Bay Buccaneer

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45 Responses

  1. Mung Mung The Third says:

    It wasn’t at halftime, it was in the middle of the third quarter

  2. Dylan Harris says:

    AB Did not walk off at halftime. He walked off during the game.

    • Gavin Cooper says:

      It was the middle of the third quarter, don’t correct people before researching bud

    • LudwigSC93 says:

      @Gavin Cooper It doesn’t matter what part of the game he walked off. During a quarter of the game in play or during the halftime. It’s still part of the game is my point lol. I actually don’t know when he did it I was just saying that Halftime is part of a football game lol.

    • Khalled24 says:

      @LudwigSC93 lol ur just being obtuse. Obviously halftime is part of the game but he clearly meant it was during a time when both teams were on the field. The comment wasn’t insinuating that halftime is not part of the game. You just wanted to correct someone to seem smart.

    • Tim Simmons says:

      @LudwigSC93 👈🏾🤡 dvmbazz

    • Tim Simmons says:

      @LudwigSC93 how old are u kid?

  3. 510LIFE OAKLANDER510 says:

    Whoever is holding on to that glove and shirt are holding NFL history.

  4. Jackson Krueger Sports says:

    We have another update to the story now, via Jay Glazer,

    Just talked to Bruce Arians who said he was trying to get AB to go into game & AB refused. Tried again Brown refused & Arians told him to get out. On if he saw AB take his jersey off.

    “Yeah, I did. Never seen anything like it in all my years.”

    Source: https://twitter.com/JayGlazer/status/1477761601092538369

    I’ll continue updating as we get more information.

  5. Social Reboost says:

    “They” did not go out of their way to throw him the ball last season, “Tom Brady” went out of his way. Big difference from “They” and “Tom Brady”.

  6. TL317 says:

    He was targeted 5 times up to that point. As you mentioned they went out of there way last season to get those incentives.

  7. Fr3shKicks17 says:

    It was actually around 1 mil in incentives…. He was close to catches yards and TD incentives all 3 were worth about 1/3 a million

    • John C says:

      Right but how much does he lose by quitting? I think there’s a nice bonus for winning the SB. AB clearly is not stable mentally, I hope he gets help.

    • Wordsfromthewise 1 says:

      @John C 3.1 mil is guaranteed so if they don’t let him him finish and cut him after he still played then the bucs probably gonna lose money

    • Ernest Frigelj says:

      @Wordsfromthewise 1 hmm im sure there are clauses in contract regarding leaving game and stuff like that

    • Wordsfromthewise 1 says:

      @Ernest Frigelj yeah true but at the same time he could just say he refused to go back in because he didn’t feel well or somethin lol that’s what I would do

    • Ernest Frigelj says:

      @Wordsfromthewise 1 yea true

  8. The Bigleone says:

    AB was never the same after the hit he took several years ago when playing against the Cincinnati Bengals. I liked him. I hope he doesn’t self destruct.

  9. Teran Icer says:

    Even if incentive was the cause, he still had another game left, unless it was a 16-game incentive.

  10. Michael Coleman says:

    That doesn’t make any sense:
    1. It was the 3rd quarter, plenty of time to get more catches
    2. There’s one more game left.

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