[UPDATED VERSION!] The Trouble With The Electoral College

[UPDATED VERSION!] The Trouble With The Electoral College

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FYI: I don’t count the 1824 election as the final winner was determined by the house of representatives and thus not *technically* a straight-up Electoral College fail.

Projected from: http://www.nytimes.com/elections/results/president

Meanwhile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUj6IbdHSiA

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19 Responses

  1. olov244 says:

    to be fair, if hilary did win, she wouldn’t have fixed the system, she
    loves how broken it is

  2. CGP Grey says:

    And so he received a gift to make him happy when sad, and sad when happy: a
    ring with the inscription: “No man rules alone”.

  3. BlueFox94 says:

    The problem with relying on the popular vote is that it forgets that the
    U.S. Presidential election is 51 separate state elections. The total
    tallying of all 51 regions is mostly just for note-taking purposes when you
    get down to it. That way, the individual sovereignty of each state is
    maintained. Trump defeated Clinton handily in the electoral college. The
    states that gave him that victory all had him beating Clinton by popular
    vote, fair and square. Her lead over him in California is arguably the only
    reason that she beats him in the national popular vote.

  4. CyanideSovereign says:

    Salty globalists everywhere.

  5. Agnimitra Sutradhar says:

    Wish could see Grey’s live reaction after the results :P

  6. Creativent says:

    Britain Rises again! We’ll let you dipshits destroy your own country, then
    take over! >:D

  7. Justin Beck says:

    You seem to not understand, that this is exactly what the electoral college
    was designed to do. If the founders wanted to base it on popular vote, they
    would have just done that. The founders didnt trust the public to have a
    popular vote. Thats why we have this system.

  8. touyebou says:

    This is the biggest problem in the USA

  9. Dat NguyenThe says:

    Why is everyone acting like this is the end of the US / World… As far as
    i’m concerned, the president is not omnipotent. Doesn’t have almost any
    legislative power, except the veto. The budget is determined by the
    congress anyway… Congress has all the power (okay, not military, but it’s
    not like Trump’s gonna nuke anybody… right? xD ). People should be
    putting emphasis on voting in the midterm elections instead of this
    kabuki-theater of a drama vote… (voter turnout for presidential elections
    ~60%; voter turnout for midterms ~40%) Go vote in the midterms people!

  10. Khneefer says:

    What Failure? In US constitution is nothing about popular vote in
    presidential election…

  11. Erik Jorgensen says:

    Without the Electoral College, the flyover states would not even need to
    vote.. the 4 biggest metropolitan areas would be able to pick the

  12. Nick D. says:

    Important. But before people start claiming stuff this is why Hillary
    Clinton lost

    1. People viewing her as evil due to 1 established controversy. While news
    flash both candidates have done bad things.
    2. She acted like a rookie, never visiting many states. She could of easily
    won more states Democrats don’t typically win, and she lost states
    Democrats always win.
    3. Her only target was minorities. Key word Minorities. She utterly ignored
    the working class in many places, she aided in making the dynamic a us
    against them system.
    4. The minorities don’t vote. You think after your people was insulted
    repeatedly by a candidate with support from the KKK which he didn’t
    denounce that you would vote against him. Instead voter Turn out was…sub
    5. The Minorities themselves.
    Not trying to be racists, but even i was utterly appalled by the Hispanic
    people in many circumstances. The riots which continue is not how people
    should behave. They acted like America was solely theres and that they had
    a privilege above others.
    Literally i support immigrants, i support equal rights, but you guys made
    yourselves the bad guys, i didn’t want you or Trump in the country. You
    made your culture look terrible, people already think, from illegal
    immigration and the aid many recieve, that you are practically invading and
    acting like you are privileged, so the response to burn down cars, get
    pyshically violent, demand what you want, and say sterotyped things
    yourselves was the wrong decision. You should of voted not burned down a
    car. =_= For those of you who acted civilized i thank you.
    6. Hillary Clinton went after Trump in the wrong way. If she would of tried
    fact checking, coming up with some policy and trying to be a fixer she
    would of won in all likelihood.
    7. Bernie Sanders, Hillary never truely acknowledge his popular ideas and
    opinions and never made a alliance against Trump idealology with him and
    had him voice the clear concern with Trump being president.

    Here are 7 different reasons why Hillary Clinton lost and now we are known
    as a racist nation, and global stocks are falling.(Edit i was venting on
    this last part and admit i got carried away but this was off a report of
    the fallings of stocks and i do think that as Trumps term nears stocks
    specifically in Asia will fail) Plus now Putin got what he wanted after it
    was very clear he wanted Trump in office and even attempted to shake faith
    in poll results. He is doing the same thing in Germany.

  13. Luke Ayres says:

    Wait, what were the percentages for the Hilary vs Trump?

  14. Jonathan Dirks says:

    Whether you are happy with the result or not, you can’t deny the voting
    system is broken and unfair in many ways.

  15. Ethan Ho says:

    Electoral College is the most retarded system in the entire world.

  16. Chad M says:

    The electoral college protects the minority. The reason we have an
    electoral college is because if we didn’t a small number of states with the
    majority of the population would control the whole country.

  17. Wizard King says:

    It’s hard to say “this person won the popular vote.” I mean sure it’s clear
    they won it but there’s more to it then that. The electoral college
    discourages hundreds of thousands not to vote in states that aren’t swing
    states. So do we need to abolish the electoral college? Probably, it has
    its benefits but overall it does more harm than good. But to point fingers
    and say Clinton actually won! Would do nothing but separate the country
    even more, and the argument has a lot of flaws.

  18. My Thoughts says:

    So we let California or Texas decide?
    What logic is that , the most extremist people on both sides.


  19. Mishn0 says:

    If you subtract the ballots of the dead people, he won the popular vote as