Upgrading Minecraft’s Lush 1.18 Caves To Deep Dark 1.19 In The ULTIMATE Survival World!

Upgrading Minecraft’s Lush 1.18 Caves To Deep Dark 1.19 In The ULTIMATE Survival World!

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Here’s a little throwback to the Underground Kingdom! 250,000 LIKES for Part 8 of the ULTIMATE Survival World! Are you a part of the Amethyst faction, or the Copper faction?! ⚔️

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Jake Rivers:

Song List:
In The Great Library
Into The Deep Dark
Ores and Gemstones
The Forge
Cave Epilogue
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Shaders: Complementary Shaders

Mods & Plugins Used:
Replay Mod
World Edit
Voxel Sniper
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32 Responses

  1. TrixyBlox says:

    So what was your favourite part of the video? Would you join the Copper Faction or the Amethyst Faction? And how would you tackle the Warden?🤫

    USW JUNGLE MOVIE 🎥: https://youtu.be/2iwUnxTf5CA
    Download My Builds HERE 🛠️: https://www.patreon.com/TrixyBlox

    P.S. This one was REALLY down to the wire! Steph and I have basically been working non-stop to pump out these USW videos, so make sure you go show her some love and let’s get her to 100k subs with this video! ⚔️

    Also, check out this episode’s sponsor – download Dragon City for free and claim your special limited time rewards🐉: https://dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/mar22

    • Sally Kiamtia says:

      I love the jungle King’s statue

    • Saimon says:

      @White imposter sarm

    • Fathur rahman says:

      this is just now there are still the Netherlands and ender

    • Airtank 58 says:

      When you do the snowy mountains you should make the town inside the mountain.You could take inspiration from the elf build, but more like a Norse society.You could make a building where they take ice and snow and turn it into water for a farm.They have a bunch of leather armor, as that’s all that will warm them up.It can be attached to an underground port with Viking ships (this probably won’t get in, but still.)They won’t have very much metal as mountains don’t usually have much metal, so they will mainly have wooden and stone tools and houses.They will have an armory that doubles as a training center, as they are based off of Vikings.They will have a tree farm and stone mine to continue to build and replenish lost weapons (mainly axes.)They will naturally have a farm, as they have slim pickings in snowy mountains.They farm cows for leather and pork chop, horse for raiding and upon death more leather, and wheat for the cows and horses and the leftovers can be used for bread.They would need an enchanting room, as they only have leather and stone or wood tools.They might even have a mob grinder for potions to further increase they fighting style( this could model after berserker’s.)I’m not sure what kind of church it would be, but it at the center you could put a trident with channeling and loyalty three to simulate mjolnir and gungir combined (and even something similar to that with the sea temple.)You could put banner at the entrance to help keep in heat.You could put in a cooking room that doubles as a smelting room, because they would do so little with pipes going all over the place to transport heat.A library would be a nice place to enhance life, as they have been all over with stories about the other biomes.It would be easy to show how they disappeared.They could have been attacked by other civilizations, or got a plague or disease from them (they could have even gotten the curse from the jungle.)This forced them to leave after many died, with the remaining dying from the cold due to lack of supplies.I really hope you use this idea, but if you do you’ll probably have to cut a few things.

    • Jack says:


  2. unsorted guy says:

    Wow. That was amazing! And the final shot of the entire build was jaw dropping!

  3. Yoshi 5138 says:

    the amount of worldbuilding (literally) in this series is incredible and the lore is so interesting to follow!

  4. Ibraheem. says:

    since you’ve added dwarves, i think it would be a good idea to add vikings or a norse mythology area in the tundra biome

  5. Leah Cottell says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication that you’ve been giving to this project. I found this channel when the second episode was released, and I’ve honestly never looked forward to a project’s completion so much as this. The amount of detail and care to create something so intricate and lore-filled, and the inclusivity of so many unique and different cultures around the world is honestly amazing. Thank you for creating such an amazing project, and i cannot wait to play the final thing!!

  6. Goddeh says:

    Every single one of your builds is truly remarkable! I love watching elements slowly appear to form various objects within the build! I especially love your statues, those are also really impressive! Well done on this build, as usual, you’ve outdone yourself!

  7. Mr. Cole says:

    My mind is blown. I can’t imagine how you’re generating this much amazing content so quickly. My favorite part is your scripting, I think it helps me really appreciate the builds.

  8. Garritt Lehan says:

    A cool idea would be to have plugins available for the map to have certain villagers with quests and dialog

  9. Chad "Danger" Sexhaver says:

    The build is impressive and cool. I just feel like the deep dark city should have been more decrepid and broken. It feels a bit too alive and clean.

  10. AngelofGrace96 says:

    absolutely incredible work as always, I’m stunned by the amount of work you get done in each episode. Are you planning on also altering the nether and end?

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