Upload Studio Update for Xbox One

Upload Studio Update for Xbox One

Upload Studio for Xbox One has received a major update, adding a tremendous number of new options for fans to create their Ultimate Game DVR videos. New features include transitions, splash screens, templates, intros, double-box and green screen effects, support for a total run time of 30 minutes and a great deal more besides.

Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson offers a quick tour of some of the changes in this walkthrough video.

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20 Responses

  1. Gar Funkle says:

    Lovin it. XBOX is the Best Box. Much love to the XBOX Team for working hard
    to please us gamers. You guys are the best ;-)

  2. ryan ferguson says:

    Good nice!!!!!!!!! Xbox update love

  3. WarutJJ Programs view says:

    I want have kinect see my face me.
    but now i don’t have it when wanna Recor…Video Games upload on youtube

  4. ThatGuyWhoGames26 says:

    Idea: what if our game clips recorded (or have the option to) audio from
    party chat? I think that would be awesome as a live reaction to something
    funny or epic that happens with friends would make the clip so much better

  5. UltraAtomic1 says:

    omg thank you!!! i need this 

  6. Kazukamichan says:

    They need a option to export clips directly to a usb drive even the
    temporary ones.

  7. Kazukamichan says:

    Liking the new look way better than the plain black backgrounds.

  8. The MLG Noscoper says:

    Started from the bottom, now we’re here

  9. TheMelonParty says:

    I can’t wait for this update. I’ve been making upload videos ever since I
    got my Xbox and have been waiting for a big change like this for my videos.
    I was gonna get a capture card but now that I have this my YouTube videos
    will be just as good.

  10. Robert Koziel says:

    Hello Major Nelson.
    I have a question. My location is Poland and I cant select English(US)
    language for my location. Is it be possible to change that because I have
    kinect and cant use it? Please like it and let him see that:)
    Best Wishes

  11. The ShowyCaesar Show says:

    Love the new update to Upload….brilliant! Thanks so much guys!

  12. Dovahkiinbrother93 says:

    Good work!

  13. Sajjan Mann says:

    woah go xbox! This is the update everyone needed! :D

  14. EXPLOSIVEEGG says:

    @Rdog1507 it shows things like twitch streams and YouTube videos

  15. COSMOFL4M3720 says:

    why would you dislike the video

  16. MsGodfather1903 says:

    great so please can you update Xbox smart glass

  17. MsGodfather1903 says:


  18. Jani Turunen says:

    Upload studio in xbox one and it get a update

  19. Raul Cremas says:

    Please put you can recorded more than 5m. Like 15m.. 20m.. Its perfect 

  20. CosmicTwister says:

    This is awesome :D