Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (May 27)

Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (May 27)

Our WWE Raw review as Simon Miller talks about Brock Lesnars Money In The Bank boom box, Sami Zayn in the electric chair (yeah that is actually a thing) and Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn in the main event.


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70 Responses

  1. Altaf Raza says:

    Lesnar and Wyatt saved this raw.
    Brock was hilarious though xD

  2. Suntan Ironman says:

    For days talk was about the WWE punishing their Superstars for various reasons involving AEW. But maybe this episode of Raw was OUR punishment for watching and enjoying Double or Nothing.

    • Llew KaMiamos says:

      You are probably right Mr. Ironman.

    • I find it funny says:

      When i watched the highlights of all in i was like “hey for the first time in 4 years i enjoyed wrestling”. Double or nothing was even better and hopefully this is a preview of whats to come.

    • Nick Shane says:

      The thing is that just makes it more likely people will just watch AEW instead while wwe stars will start no showing events until their contacts expire then jump ship to AEW.

    • brandon jones says:

      Yeah you have something there

    • The Retarded Kitty says:

      Our? I did not enjoy double or nothing

  3. Robert Hayes says:

    This episode was really bad. I spent the last half watching Jericho “on the list” Segments on YouTube.

  4. Ace Trainer Lupi says:

    “It’s a Beast Box, b*tch*”, please let Brock speak more ?

  5. undeadfbgew says:

    Brock has personality! I laughed so much at his bit on Raw this week. So looking forward to Bray Wyatt gettin in the ring

  6. Wrestling wReligion says:

    I was scraping through Twitter to see if anyone noticed that the ELIMINATION match finished after the 1st fall. I legit thought that I lost my damn mind.

    • Der Typ da drüben says:

      WWE=Worst Wrestling Ever

    • Greg Banks says:

      I knew I wasn’t crazy when I swore I kept hearing the announcers say elimination then the match ended after one fall

    • Sketch_ Tepig says:

      That was so confusing while watching I didn’t know what on earth the commentary was even on about afterwards

    • Sky Blaze21 says:

      +Caleb SpanglerCory graves fuking sucks his arguing with other commentators isnt entertaining its just straight annoying..

    • The Retarded Kitty says:

      +Der Typ da drüben not ever, they’ve produced the best content so shut your smark mouth

  7. Crazi Speedster says:

    Where did you get that POWER OF GRAYSKULL SHIRT..I cant find it anywhere..

  8. Frna79_esNatoc says:

    Some random Roman Reigns cousin got more TV time than 90% of the roster.

  9. Frna79_esNatoc says:

    The Iiconics have more losses with the belt than without it. Iconic.

  10. 2 Brothers TV says:

    ups and downs better than raw!

    • rocthaice says:

      2 Brothers TV idk it kind of felt like Simon was trying extra hard to not give the wwe more downs

  11. Darth Buckfast says:

    Forgot there was woman tag champs ngl

  12. Just a Comment says:

    Love the mental image of Simon watching Raw in a Repoman Mask

  13. ShadowRealmFox says:

    *Gotta love the fact we are getting AEW Tuesday Night Dynamite in October.*

    • candysell says:

      +Andrew Gunning I wouldn’t say overrated. The PPV actually lived up to the hype. People got what they haven’t for a long time and that’s wrestling.

    • Andrew Gunning says:

      +candysell NXT? Aj Styles vs Seth Rollins? Even more recent, Cesaro vs Ricochet… Just a few examples that good wrestling is still there but gets crapped on by people because its WWE… Like i said AEW was good but having blood and a few canadian destroyers wont make them succesful and about the overrated part of it, im saying that because people are getting slightly over excited and there will be a reality check sooner or later

    • Bryan G says:

      Hopefully that happens, without a network TV show it is hard to really hype up your product, not many people want to just constantly get PPVs all the time.

    • Chef Joel Carpenter says:

      +Andrew Gunning AEW is owned by someone who has more money then Vince, TNA was never on a major cable Network so they could never get mainstream viewership, You forget WWE was losing the Monday night wars UNTIL they allowed the new blood to take over and be more Savage in segments which AEW is doing now. WWE has mostly wrestlers past prime which AEW is everyone in prime so I think AEW will last as long as it stays a private company and doesn’t hire Eric bischoff or bring in washed up wrestlers just for views

    • Chef Joel Carpenter says:

      Also every match from double or nothing would of stole the show at WrestleMania.

  14. JMW 708 says:

    It took 52 minutes into Raw to get the bell of a match – Down.

    What happened to the third hour being different? – Down

    • Craig! says:

      Third hour was different. Not saying it was “good”, but it was different. Different set design, and played up more to marks babbling about AEW. It was different. Not as “different” as it should be, but it wasn’t the same.

      I agree with you on how long it took for them to get around to having a match. That was bullshit and WWE should know better.

    • Jamaine Bowman says:

      It’s a holiday show lmao. That’s why all those backstage skits. WWE is a sports entertainment show. Wrestling comes 2nd.

    • The Magic Pie says:

      By the time the House lights went down, and they made all the other changes, there was only 30 minutes remaining in the show.

      So….they made the last 30 minutes…more Raw. GG WWE.

    • JMW 708 says:

      +The Magic Pie exactly. Guess 30 minutes is considered the full hour now.

    • TheGreatPenPen says:

      Different as in the Moment of Bliss or Miz TV segment being replaced with the Electric Chair segment that was soooo much better. Why use an Electric chair if you don’t strap in the guest? Making “fans” participate isn’t a bad idea though but it feels like WWE tries a new gimmick every single week now.

  15. Chris Morris says:

    Simon makes me feel better about Raw 😉 xD

  16. drutubechannel says:

    You didnt mention it took 51 minutes until the first match of the night started. DOWN.

  17. andee ramone says:

    Last nights show was in Kansas City, Missouri
    Not Kentucky
    Still love you <3

  18. John Williams says:

    When I saw the heads turn in the crowd when Seth was in the ring, I was waiting to hear JR yell “IT’S MOXLEY!!!”

    Unfortunately it’s no longer Saturday, and this is no AEW… 🙁

  19. Captain Crab says:

    Is it bad I made a Boom Box Briefcase On 2k19 for Brock? XD

  20. LadyMisao520 says:

    Which would be worse – asking (as if they’d let unvetted audience members ask questions live!) Sami about AEW or asking Sami about the Saudi shows…?

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