Ups & Downs From WWE WrestleMania 35

Ups & Downs From WWE WrestleMania 35

Simon Miller reviews WWE WrestleMania 35 and talks about Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte in a triple threat matches for the women titles, Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship and Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

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63 Responses

  1. Emearlson Roy Calijan says:

    6:36 Weird Guy: *wants you to get out*
    Simon: Why!?
    Weird Guy: *slaps head twice and finger snaps* HERES WHY- wait a minute……

  2. Fernando Estrada says:

    Kofi winning was the moment of the night for me. Also Kurt asking the fans to chant ‘You suck’ got me all kinds of feels, reminded me of he’s return in 03.

  3. Devin Johnson says:

    Watching Simon get annoyed with people is my new favorite thing lmao

  4. Miller Man says:

    Disappointed KO wasn’t on the show. That’s a down

    • Nicholas Hawkins says:

      Not as disappointing than WWE’s horrible decision for Kurt Angle’s retirement match and dumb decision to put Hulk Hogan on the show

    • youtube profile says:

      +Nicholas Hawkins Baron did a great job against angle and how was hulk hogan stupid? He was barely on the show

    • Nicholas Hawkins says:

      youtube profile Hogan being allowed on tv again is a bad look. He was alleged to be racist and when the tape came out where he made said the N-word. He then, made a shitty attempt at apologizing and said he “I grew up around other kids who said it with the “a” at the end”. Why would WWE (After all that + the way society has changed) make the dumb decision to even come go to a WWE show let alone come out at the start of WrestleMania?

    • youtube profile says:

      +Nicholas Hawkins while that certainly had a impact on how seeing him feels I don’t think he deserves to never set foot in the company again the ultimate warrior god rest his soul was also known for some bigotry shit and they’ll let him come back

    • TonyCan Swag76 says:

      No Dean, No Dolph and No Undertaker especially the Deadman it will never a Wrestlemania without the Deadman.

  5. Jay Li says:

    This episode gets a down when you gave the iiconics winning the tag team titles a down

  6. Nigel Matchie says:

    The guy in orange constantly walking around looking into the camera does nothing for this video, he gets a down

  7. Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    Favorite part of the show? Elias playing Seven Nation Army and the crowd chanting “Walk with Elias” to the rhythm.

  8. Top Flight Security Of The World Craig says:

    7 1/2 hours??? More like 48 minutes! Thanks Wrestling Reality!!!

  9. J/O says:

    But he didn’t just do the coup de gras he POWERBOMBED him and then did the coup and that was phenomenal

    • Lydarius Vaughn says:


    • Warrior of Fire says:

      Not to mention the couple attempts at the powerbomb, each failed attempt followed by frustrated beatings, then the powerbomb.

    • Lydarius Vaughn says:

      When for the powerbomb but lashley wouldn’t budge some he wears him do with strikes and kicks to get him down for the move to set him up for the finisher. That’s how most big spots should be.

  10. Chris Cascio says:

    My fiance calls the iconics the team rocket of the WWE so she loves the fact they won.

  11. Paddy O'Furniture says:

    “i lost my flow, phil will fix it, hes good at that”
    phil: *edits nothing*

  12. Joe Bradford says:

    Kofi’s moment is THE DIFFINITIVE Wrestlemainia moment! Great match!

  13. JC4R says:

    2019 Ups and Downs
    Raw 128 – 66
    SmackDown 91 – 39
    PPV 40 – 22

    Total 259 – 127

  14. Raja Ashakir says:

    Random person : WRESTLEMANIAAAA!!!

    Simon : oh I thought it was flipin Bash At The Beach ?????

  15. Karl Leggett says:

    You deserve an award for putting up with those background pricks.

  16. DARK KING says:

    When Batista… Tripped over the ropes.. I said… The Galaxy is doomed if he’s Guardian of it…

  17. Jeremy Jenkins says:

    Was it me or did John Cena looked 10 years younger as the Doctor of Thuganomics?

  18. Minichoco 1230 says:

    IICONICS DESERVE GOLDEN UP… seriously tho I was happy asf they deserve the titles

  19. Jovan SS says:

    Iconics getting a down?! C’mon Simon! Blasphemous

  20. Gran Turismo Fan 27 says:

    2014: Bluetista
    2019: triptista

    What an awesome match tho,
    The whole event was great!!

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