UPS Driver Collapses at Front Door From Severe Heat

UPS Driver Collapses at Front Door From Severe Heat

As record-high temperatures continue across the nation, there’s a new concern for UPS delivery drivers. In Arizona, a UPS driver struggled to make it onto the front porch of a house. He then collapses and lies down for a moment to recover. The UPS worker slowly gets back up and reaches for the doorbell before stumbling back to his non air-conditioned truck. UPS says the driver is fine, adding “our package delivery vehicles make frequent stops, making air conditioning ineffective.”

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23 Responses

  1. Sebastian Orozco says:

    UPS, USPS, etc, drivers deserve more appreciation. What would we do without these dedicated workers. Thank you for all you do.

    • Caramel Smooth Cat says:

      @helloimclaudio .. still won’t stop a heat stroke

    • GodFirst says:

      I’m an Army Veteran, and have worked with UPS for holiday help(helping drivers deliver), and they get my RESPECT for what they do.
      They have anywhere from 75-150 stops a day.

    • Caramel Smooth Cat says:

      @DeeUHHbaHUC .. oh hush how do you think you get all your merchandise foolio


      @Sean Patrick McGee better wages they make $75k a year plus benefits to drop off boxes

  2. Sam Smith says:

    As an Amazon driver, we have AC’s in our vans, and even getting a bit of cold air from the AC makes a difference. The back of the vans get hot too, but for UPS to say their reason is because it would be “ineffective” is crazy to me. Sounds like they don’t want to spend money on new trucks with AC’s in them. Hopefully the delivery drivers out there stay hydrated and safe. Even if you have to slow down and not go so fast, take a break. Don’t risk your life for these companies that’ll just replace you and think nothing of it.

    • I'm Ryte Beehyn U... says:

      Would be better if they quit and join Amazon instead since most of the packages IS from Amazon..🤣

    • InsideOutside UpsideDown says:

      @Alex Rivera one stop every 2 minutes?

    • Alex Rivera says:

      @J F Highest i’ve done is 190 but it’s not too bad. The area was good cause every other house was a stop instead of every other block. Did 30+ stops an hour and still got off earlier than I expected. Usually the lower the stops, the more apartments you get which take longer. Basically making 140 feel the same as 180 stops

    • Alex Rivera says:

      @Pintexx Nah they suck too. They “reduce” your route but it’s doesn’t make much difference. They only take 10 stops at the most and claim that’s 30 mins off. Most people do 30 stops an hour.

    • kj bee says:

      and the sad part is they literally will an 18 year old boy was tragically killed at a chicken plant in my town like a month ago and they didn’t even stop work to respect or honor him bosses just kept pushing production.. we can only hope they lose the case but there still isn’t much justice for such a sad loss

  3. jeremy144713 says:

    As a USPS driver, this is a SERIOUS problem for us drivers.

  4. Dexx says:

    Being in that truck plus the Arizona heat…crazy. I work construction, and I’m in the heat every day, every summer. It gets brutal. Especially this year. I feel for this guy.

  5. LJaysPerspective says:

    We have never experienced these types of temperatures before, at least not this consistently. Having worked as a Logistics Supervisor my prayers go out for these guys. If you see any of them while on route, offer up some H20!💧 👍👍

  6. Wilber Rosales says:

    That’s crazy he still rung the doorbell, even after collapsing. My respect goes out to him and every hard working person

  7. Man without skin says:

    I can truly understand what that fella went through, drove my personal car without ac for a full decade and only got it installed this summer. Driving a car without ac in June and July heat is like being getting roasted alive in an oven. But since average summer temperature in my country is between 40 to 45 degree celsius I am used to getting roasted alive inside an oven.

  8. Cool Katt says:

    I remember years ago as a local truck driver being out there in the summertime and blazing heat. I mean 100 degree weather.

    I used to carry a cooler full of drinks. And when they would run out…I would stop by the store for reloads. EVERYDAY

    It helped. It’s brutal out there in the summer.

    Especially when you got a raggedy truck with no air.

    Driving a truck with no air makes things a 1,000 times worse.
    I survived 😎

  9. Woolen Dragons says:

    I gave a delivery driver cold water bottle and seeing the gratefulness in his eyes made me want to give out more to every delivery driver. Its tough out there, hope they stay safe!

  10. Lmfy says:

    Poor guy should’ve rested a few more minutes before getting up. You can see how much effort he was putting just raising his hand to ring the doorbell. I hope he’s more than fine and gets a much needed rest before going back to work. Respect to all the drivers and delivery people out there, but please take care of yourselves.

    • Michael H says:

      They supposedly have a command center that GPS tracks them. They only have a certain amount of time to do things or they get flagged.

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