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  1. Anthony Pacheco says:

    We’re all going to die, aren’t we?

  2. ItzmeFlez says:

    After seeing that video, I’m certain…. Humanity is capable of great things! We’re on the right track.

  3. Mira SC says:

    Holy shmit, that was the most epic thing I have ever seen on the internet. Thank you Boston Dynamics, I fully accept your future robot overlord now.

  4. Pigeons 420 says:

    Damn thing dances better than I do!

  5. The Zen Show says:

    So now Robots are going to take stripper jobs too? I saw that twerking, and it looked back at me while shaking its booty. Ima be up in the robot strip clubs with a whole can of oil!

  6. SoCalFreelance says:

    Boston Dynamics robots need to make a Harlem Shake video 🕺🕺🕺

  7. CanadianImperialist says:

    Inb4 black mirror references

  8. lil soy sauce says:

    Don’t let this fool you, they’re still evil

  9. AirwaveMusicTV says:

    That moonwalk wow

  10. b0rg says:

    Dat _battery pack_ tho

  11. LJR 1062 says:

    Well atleast we know it can celebrate its kills

  12. Andrew Read says:

    This would be even better if they put the sticky wiggle eyes on the claw.

  13. Dickhead Bear says:

    How cute, a stabilised turret. I’m sure that won’t be used to murder anything.

    • VERY Excited Doggo says:

      lmao just press the off button

    • Generic Name says:

      +drlolXD Yes let me just grab my EMP from my garage. Because everyone has their trusty EMP on hand when this thing bursts through the door with a gun in hand.

    • Generic Name says:

      +SailHatan It’s less about automation and more about who is going to use that automation. You may see an autonomous robot, but a goverment sees an autonomous soldier.

    • drlolXD says:

      @SailHatan Really.. if everyone had that kind of mindset we’d never progress as a species.

    • drlolXD says:

      @Generic Name This thing bursting through your door with a gun in it’s hand is just as deadly as a person bursting through your door with a gun in hand. If you aren’t worried abour the latter, chances are the former won’t happen either.

  14. Blah Blah says:

    4 years ahead on technology, 4 years behind on pop culture

  15. Nickolias says:

    “Hey you’re fixing that trip detection script, right?”
    “Of course…”


    I bet my dog would still try to hump this thing 😂

  17. says:

    A historic moment for the future robot culture. The robot dance got a lot more advanced.
    Imagine the human trying to imitate this 🙂

  18. Gerpar says:

    0:36 Wouldn’t bee a Boston Dynamics spot video without showing the head swiveling haha

  19. Boom TV says:

    Тот неловкий момент, когда робот танцует лучше тебя

  20. SUPER LABINE says:

    what a naughty robot. it needs some spanking 🔞

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