Urgent message from The Weather Channel for Those in the Path of Hurricane Matthew

Urgent message from The Weather Channel for Those in the Path of Hurricane Matthew

A special message regarding your safety from The Weather Channel. Hurricane Matthew could have catastrophic impacts and concerns are growing about people that have decided to stay in areas under mandatory evacuations.

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20 Responses

  1. Alfredo nm says:

    deep video, as deep as Mathew’s eye.

  2. Marc Steigers says:

    Should have named it something scarier than Matthew, like Hurricane Hitler.

  3. Ruben Ruiz says:

    If you have a basement then you can ignore these warnings. Just tie
    yourself and your family up to the basement floor.

    You will most likely survive then you can loot your neighbors for expensive
    items. Pick the most expensive items you can find and flea via boat. You
    can then pawn off the items in a non flooded area.

  4. StarSpenglerBanter says:

    Where did Hurricane Andrew hit? I thought it too made landfall in Florida.
    That was a powerful hurricane
    Even with that being said, Matthew is a powerful, catastrophic storm too,
    and nothing to trifle with

  5. John H says:

    Don’t get in the way of Darwinism, Weather Channel. FLORIDA HAS TOO MANY

  6. partybarge says:


  7. ResistanceForever says:

    Another reason why West Coast is Best Coast.

  8. Ryvucz says:

    There will always be those that stay. Then demand aid for their stupid
    decision. #HurricaneKatrina

  9. CaranAWorld says:

    Urgent message! Just watch this 30 second ad first…

  10. Ryan Beckham says:

    This is why you never live or vacation in Florida. Only yuppies fall for it

  11. Sean Thompson says:

    Motherfucker. I lived through charlie.

  12. Luigi Marroquin says:

    Im in new jearsy, im not in the path. Yay! :D

  13. ChargedGamer says:

    I bet Poseidon spawned hurricane Matthew to destroy almost anything

  14. Jason Nichelson says:

    ok if level 4 category for hurricanes is bad what’s the nightmare version
    much worse then that category 10? I’m curious to know

  15. Darth Maul says:

    none of this would have happened if we spared Harambe

  16. adrian simental says:

    nothing is even going on!!! but it hasn’t hit just yet! sandy was category
    3. This hurricane is going to be cat 4. 130Mph winds.

  17. Frederick Röders says:

    The government will likely apear to be deeply shaken by this, but who
    exactly is it that should be doing something about our CO2 emissions?Lives
    are at stake there.

  18. Aurora says:

    if you sub me i will sub back ,but make sure your sub is public :D

  19. Auzeos says:

    This storm has been a huge joke so far.

  20. fish stick says:

    bruh idk why people would stay. i would pack my shit and skrrt.