Uruguay v Portugal – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 49

Uruguay v Portugal – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 49

An Edinson Cavani double was enough to see off Portugal and secure Uruguay’s passage to the Quarter-Finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Find out where to watch live: fifa.tv/watch2018

More match highlights:

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77 Responses

  1. Sarika Khadka says:


    • cool budder24 says:

      Brain Quake your videos are i gues pretty interesting but who knows that the person who post such interesting and well put videos also swear and attack people because they are indian girls? Wow maybe change your attitude and not embarras your self anymore please its pretty sad

    • Brain Quake says:


    • david valencia says:

      Sarika Khadka germany and argentina are out and they were in 2014’s final

    • ABDulRehman Comps says:

      Sarika Khadka @ Check out my new edit on my Channel.
      *Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi Skills & Goals ● World Cup 2018*
      I am pretty sure that you guys will 100% Enjoy 🙂

  2. Jamie Jovi says:

    Ronaldo and Messi were set to meet in the quarterfinal, who would have thought they’ll meet up at d airport 😂😂

  3. Videoscord says:

    Ronald’s dream and Portugal’s ended too so both Messi and Ronaldo and have something common in this world cup sadly.

  4. iWydadi says:

    It seems early holiday for Messi & Ronaldo

  5. Zaky Syaifurrahman says:

    Double beautiful goal by cavani

  6. Abel & CAIN says:

    No Christiano no Messi , yeah


    NO 1 IN EUROPE BUT KO (knock out) IN THE TOP 16….
    BYE BYE CR7……
    WHY WHY WHY WHY 😭😭😭😭😭

    • man put says:

      Cause Cr7 is the best only with his mouth !

    • Luís Silva says:

      Dont be disrespectful, portugal was superior in every way, Uruguay were more effective in the finalization . The entire match Uruguay was not playing, just defending,.
      Yeah absolute fantastic winning,, really well deserved, what a bounche of cowards

    • Beautiful Monster says:

      Paul Hirst Germany Still Successful Football Country in the World ..its the Fact even they lost ✌💪while others struggles to get on there where they are ..

    • fighting force says:

      they’re still European champions. Uruguay will be out soon.

  8. TRAN KIMDUC says:

    Rip 🇦🇷🇵🇹🇩🇪 🙁

  9. BBoyHungB2DHTB - Hưng Tattoo japan says:

    Cavani, suarez so great!! Congratulation!!

  10. gaurav samadhiya07 says:

    Well played Edison Cavani

  11. Talía says:

    What a game! Congratulations to Uruguay! Se paso Cavani! 👏🏽🇺🇾



    • Enrique Vivanco says:

      From Marketing to Reality 😂

    • Real Madrid sponsored by UEFA says:

      They’re still winning tho… They now go home or on holiday with a stack load of cash at their disposal with their loved ones. Plus they’ve created their legacy, a legacy that will be difficult to match by any means. Tbh, ronaldo and messi still can perform more years for their club meaning more assists and goals. This is more like from 150 to 100 hahaha don’t play yourself kid.

    • Hazim Hendo says:

      GUISEPPE MASTROIANNI they’re getting old dude…

  13. peppermintfoxy says:

    Good job Cavani!!!

  14. Gustavo Yurtz says:

    ¡Que garra tiene Uruguay! ¡Uruguay campeón del mundo!
    Saludos desde Paraguay.

  15. Talía says:

    Todo Sudamérica esta con ustedes hermanos uruguayos 🙌🏽⚽️

  16. Ymanuel Hernandez says:

    Felicidades uruguayos

  17. Pam Jose says:

    What a great performance!! Congratulations, Uruguay!!! 😁👏👏👏

  18. ABD 17 says:

    Oh Man what are they doing First Messi out and Now Ronaldo I can’t believe in my eyes

  19. Hardik Solanki says:

    Good bye messi + ronaldo.. Without this two players fifa world cup becomes boring.

  20. Variety Stuff says:

    Congratulations to Uruguay

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