US lawmakers spar over coronavirus relief aid on the Senate floor

US lawmakers spar over coronavirus relief aid on the Senate floor

Senators are expected to start debate on phase 3 of the coronavirus relief bill on the Senate floor.

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49 Responses

  1. Lor M. says:

    If this bill was for the illegal Invaders Nancy and the rest of the corrupt Dems would have passed it but since it’s for the American citizens there’s a stall

  2. katherine harvey says:

    The demons have no intention of passing this bill

  3. Josh Brownings says:

    It won’t matter, lockdown will be atleast 2 months minimum.

  4. CoverGirl1111 Robinson says:

    SAD.. this is truly SAD..

  5. The Morgue says:

    Never forget this is the after effect of Paul Ryan and the Anti-Trumpers giving the house to the Democrats to hinder the President.

    • Fate says:

      The Republicans are bailing out big companies- not the people or hospitals! Never forget how Republicans LIED to the people and cashed in on the stock market knowing it would crash!

  6. David Starr says:

    Someone pour a bucket of water on this witch. It worked for Dorothy in Oz.

  7. Nomo says:

    If you want to meet the demands of this crisis….quit trying to sneak in nonsense items !

  8. A Dominguez says:


  9. Joe Cain says:

    Spoiler alert! Nancy Pelsoi marches in and drops an 1100 page bill with many items – none of which have anything to do with this health emergency and proceeds to hold the entire nation hostage!

  10. clobbyhops says:

    give the people their help and quit the B.S!

  11. C Grills says:

    Get these Republican Senators out of quarantine even if you have to put them in a sealed Hazmat suit! Get it done under any means necessary!

  12. Russ Cowper says:

    Call your Congress person people call Chuckie Schumer and called Nancy Pelosi and tell them what you think.

    • buzz kirschner says:

      Russ Cowper yeah they’d prolly help kinda like how the reactionaries helped the left in the impeachment hearings

  13. HORTON 13 says:

    Hahahaha the Democrats are making absolute fools of themselves..

  14. Skyler says:

    The Democrats will not be safe to walk down the street after this.

    • Jarrod Parker says:

      I abhor violence, but you are right. Their idiocy is dangerous. Its going to make people angry. And desperate.

    • Joe Brasco says:

      Only you will be allowed to walk safe on the streets 😂😂 what a moron . Why don’t you watch this whole video and find out that bailing out corporate companies is not the main priority to the American people when they had buy back stocks prior to this and how Moscow Mitch is hiding the bailout plan for corporate for six months before the dems can even see it

    • Dylan Bowling says:


    • Gail says:

      @Jarrod Parker wait until the first week in April when rent, mortgages, businesses inventory bills due and no revenue. Hospitals over worked and will eventually throw up their hands.

  15. Marissa Miller says:

    Congratulations Democrats you have lost your votes for eternity

  16. Carl Mizell says:

    Dump the Democrats in 11/2020.

  17. Terri Swift says:


    • Fate says:

      The Republicans are bailing out big companies- not the people or hospitals! Hospitals need supplies, not Trump’s lies!

  18. Clown P.A.N JD 2020 says:

    Don’t pay any salary To Schumer and pelosi. So, they can feel what we feel.

  19. Jarrod Parker says:

    To Pelosi and Schumer: YOU HAVE FAILED THIS COUNTRY.

  20. Moran McMahon says:

    Get rid of Pelosi and Schumer now.

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